1/100 Tsubasa Collection Imperial Japanese Navy Aircrafts

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1/100 Tsubasa Collection Imperial Japanese Navy Aircrafts




Doyusha manufacturer launched a series of four sets that try to represent some historical fighters, scenarios or historical operations. The most striking kit is, perhaps, the Akagi deck which includes 6 Zero fighters. Some planes can have their engine working with a engine and battery.


1/100 Tsubasa Collection SPS Vol.1 `Dam Busters` Zero Fighter Type 21 (6 Planes) Akagi Fighters (Plastic model)

1/100 Tsubasa Collection EX 3rd “battle in Burma,” Japanese cypress Yohei aircraft



1/100 Tsubasa Collection EX 2nd “Hatsukan aircraft carrier Zuikaku” Tetsuo Iwamoto 




1/100 Tsubasa Collection EX propeller rotation 7th “Kawanishi N1k of high” Kawanishi N1k: Taki-jo Taro aircraft


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