1/144 scale tanks: Panzer Korps Dragon Collection

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1/144 Tanks: Panzer Korps Dragon Collection


The model kits have evolved quickly in the last decade. Before it was difficult to get good quality models at 1/144 scales and most ground vehicles and infantry models were built for 1/72, 1/76 or 1/35 scales. However, in the late years, it is possible to enjoy and play with high quality models of tanks at 1/144 scale, and some of them are already painted. There are several manufacturers that build these kind of models. Here, I selected the Dragon, which was one of the pioneer in this collection of tanks called Panzer Corps. See below some examples of these models:

1/144 German Railway Gun KARL 54cm/60cm and Munitionsschlepper auf Panzer IV Panzer Korps 28 Dragon

1/144 Panther G Early and Nashorn Panzer Korps 12 Dragon

1/144 German Super Tank E100 and Tiger 1 Late Panzer Korps 3 Dragon

1/144 Challenger and Warrior MCV Panzer Korps 22 Dragon

1/144 Leopard 2A6 and M113A3 Panzer Korps 21 Dragon

1/144 Sturmtiger and Demolition Tiger 1 Panzer Korps 1 Dragon

1/144 Leopard 1A4 and Leopard 1A5 Panzer Korps 19 Dragon

1/144 Tank Carrying Car w/Pz. 38(t) and Railway Flatbed Panzer Korps No. 15 Dragon

1/144 Dragon Panzer Corps 60cm Morser ODIN w/Artillery Crew

1/144 Dragon Panzer Corps 54cm Morser Loki & Artillery Crew

1/144 Dragon Panzer Corps 60cm ZIU Morser

1/144 Dragon Panzer Corps 54cm Morser THOR w/Pz Beob Wg III Ausf H

1/144 German Railway Gun KARL 54cm/60cm and Railway Transport Carrier Panzer Korps 27 Dragon

1/144 German Railway Gun 28cm K5(E) LEOPOLD and Artillery Crew Panzer Korps 2 Dragon

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