1/350 Admiral Graf Spee Academy

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1/350 Admiral Graf Spee Academy

1/350 Admiral Graf Spee

1/350 Admiral Graf Spee

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Highly detailed 1/350 scale assembly model kit of the German Battleship Admiral Graf Spee. Sent to the Atlantic as a commerce raider, the Admiral Graf Spee did considerable damage to Allied shipping, sinking nine Allied merchant ships. The Graf Spee was damaged by British warships during the “Battle of the River Plate” and was later scuttled. This beautifully detailed Academy 1/350 scale assembly kit features: Accurately reproduced superstructure. Optional Waterline version. Finely detailed railings. Display stand with nameplate.


From the Manufacturer

This is an Academy plastic model kit. The Admiral Graf Spee was a famous German Pocket Battleship in WWII, credited with sinking nine allied ships. Academy’s 1/350 scale plastic model kit is a very accurate replica of this notorious ship. With a 21″ hull, this kit has an accurately reproduced deck and superstructure, including seaplane.Very finely detailed railings abound. The kit comes with a display stand and nameplate.

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