1/700 Japanese Aircraft Carriers (all of them!)

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Japanese aircraft carriers at 1/700 scale waterline series


All the fleet aircraft carriers and light carriers of the Imperial Japanese Navy at 1/700 scale (waterline series) produced by four main brands: Hasegawa, Tamiya, Aoshima and Fujimi. Some others like Skywave produces some models. Enjoy them at glance!



The CVL Hosho; the first carrier purpose-built in the History.


The carriers Akagi (Hasegawa), Kaga (Hasegawa), Shokaku (Tamiya), Zuikaku (Tamiya), Hiryu (Aoshima), Soryu (Aoshima).

The light carriers Ryuho (Skywave), Taiyo (Aoshima), Zuiho (Hasegawa), Shoho (Hasegawa).


The CVL Ryujo carrier.

The carriers Junyo (Tamiya), Taiho (Tamiya) and Shinano (Tamiya).

The Carriers Amagi (Aoshima), Katsuragi (Aoshima), Unryu (Aoshima).

CVE Taiyo

CVE Taiyo

CVE Chuyo (Taiyo-class)

CVE Unyo (Taiyo-class)


(*) To be added CVE Shinyo and CVE Shimane Maru.


sphere Japanese Model Aircraft Carriers 1/700 CV and CVL  (includes AS and AV ships)

sphere Japanese Model Battleships 1/700 BB

sphere Japanese Model Heavy Cruisers 1/700 CA

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