1/700 Japanese Battleships BB (all of them!)

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Waterline Model Warships (Imperial Japanese Navy Model Battleships) at 1/700 scale:


Yamato Battleship Photo-etch sets and super-details at 1/700.

All the 1/700 scale model battleships water line series of the Imperial Japanese Navy from four main makers: WW2 model kits (waterline model) from Tamiya models, Aoshima models, Fujimi models, Hasegawa and Pit-Road models. These waterline (or water line) series of the Imperial Japanese Navy battleships are best presented using ocean diorama. The list of the model warships for sale are as follows (all of them are plastic model ships (battleships) and not diecast models), therefore they are model kits and require model ship building skills.

The concept and design of the Water Line Series was initiated by the Shizuoka Plastic Model Manufacturer Association in 1971. From the beginning it was a collaborative project in which four big manufactures cooperate to develop and produce models ships from WW2. In particular, battleships models, aircraft carrier models and cruiser warship models of the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War 2, in their first series, and then an ongoing collection of 1/700 scale kits of warships of the world. The initial markers were (Tamiya, Aoshima, Hasegawa and Fujimi). However, 21 years later in 1992, Fujimi made their own line named Sea Way Model Series. In the Water Line Series (Sea Way model Series also) the ship models are produced only with the portion visible above the water (they are therefore not showing the full hull), that enable them to be displayed as though they were at sea. The total number of products of the series, including destroyers, submarines and other accessories are 180 with most of them being model ships from various nations that fought in the WWII (mainly Japan, USA, Great Britain and Germany).

The following model battleships and the manufactures are:

Water line Battleship Kongo-class: Battleship Haruna (Hasegawa model), Battleship Hiei (Hagasewa model), Battleship Kirishima (Hasegawa model) and Battleship Kongo (Hasegawa model)



Water line Battleship Nagato-class: Battleship Nagato (Aoshima model), Battleship Mutsu (Aoshima model)

Water line Battleship Fuso-class: Battleship Fuso (Aoshima model), Battleship Yamashiro (Aoshima model)


Water line Battleship Yamato-class: Battleship Yamato (Tamiya model 40th Anniversary Edition), Battleship Musashi (Tamiya model)


Water line Battleship Ise-class: Battleship Ise (Hasegawa model), Battleship Hyuga (Hasegawa model)

Water line Converted Hybrid Aircraft Carrier Battleship: Aircraft Carrier Battleship Ise (Hasegawa model), Aircraft Carrier Battleship Hyuga (Hasegawa model)

sphere Japanese Model Aircraft Carriers 1/700 CV and CVL  (includes AS and AV ships)

sphere Japanese Model Battleships 1/700 BB

sphere Japanese Model Heavy Cruisers 1/700 CA

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