1/700 model ships Japanese Heavy Cruiser (all of them!)

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All available water line series model warships for the Japanese Heavy Cruisers (IJN) (all of them!)


Here we compiled all of the 1/700 scale waterline series model warships for the Japanese Heavy Cruisers of the Imperial Japanese Navy IJN from four main manufacters: From Tamiya model kits to Aoshima, Fujimi and Hasegawa models. In total, 18 model ship heavy cruisers.



Model Aoba-class cruisers: Aoba (Hasegawa) and Kinugasa (Hasegawa)



Model Furutaka-class cruisers: Cruiser Furutaka (Hasegawa) and cruiser Kako (Hasegawa)



Model Mogami-class cruisers: Cruiser Mogami (Tamiya model), Cruiser Mikuma (Tamiya), Cruiser Kumano (Tamiya) and Cruiser Suzuya (Tamiya)


Note:  There is a very nice (and scarce in numbers) version of the Heavy Mogami Cruiser. The Mogami Cruiser with three guns in each battery is also available here: Mogami Light Cruiser   



Model Myoko-class cruisers: Cruiser Myoko (Hasegawa), Cruiser Ashigara (Hasegawa), Cruiser Haguro (Hasegawa) and Cruiser Nachi (Hasegawa)



Model Takao-class cruisers: Cruiser Takao (Aoshima), Cruiser Maya (Aoshima), cruiser Chokai (Skywave & Aoshima) and Cruiser Atago (Aoshima).


Model Tone-class cruisers: cruiser Tone (Aoshima) and cruiser Chikuma (Fujimi)




sphere Japanese Model Aircraft Carriers 1/700 CV and CVL  (includes AS and AV ships)

sphere Japanese Model Battleships 1/700 BB

sphere Japanese Model Heavy Cruisers 1/700 CA

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