Month – December 2015

[NEWS] Indian Navy for Recruitment 2015 – Apply Online for Sailors (SSR-02/2016)

News: Tomorrow 6th December 2015 is the deadline for applications on Indian Navy Recruitment 2015 – Apply Online for Sailors (SSR-02/2016)  Batch Course Commencing August 2016 and the applicants target are Unmarried Male Indian Citizens and subjects of Nepal and Bhutan. Eligible candidates may apply online from 23-11-2015 to 06-12-2015 & send hard copy of application […]

Joint INDRA Russia-India Naval Exercises 7 December

As it was done since the last 12 years, the INDRA Russia-India Naval Exercise will be held from 7th December. This INDRA exercise is a joint, bi-annual military exercise conducted by India and Russia starting in 2003, will also be held this year.The exercise is oriented and tasked with boosting cooperation and interoperability between the Russian […]

India is becoming a major naval power

Currently, the opc five major naval power can be represented by the United States, China, Russia, United Kingdom and Japan. However,  a new major naval power is rising quickly and it in named the Indian Navy. With the newest carried under construction, a past experience with two carriers, the new SSBN submarines Akula-class and the […]

Asbestosis and mesothelioma in the navy: The I-400 ?

Scientific evidences were linked mesothelioma with asbestosis in the navy vessels until this material was finally banned from vessel and even building construction during the 1970s. however, from 1930s, many vessels were constructed with this material in many key rooms and facilities. Large quantities of the mesothelioma-causing mineral were therefore present in many different rooms such as […]