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Camping and Portable Hammocks 2016: Top 10 Best sellers and customer reviews in Hammocks


Here we present a selected number of  portable or camping hammocks that have currently the highest rank in sells and positive reviews by customers that reported satisfaction levels to Amazon. The portable hammocks are useful for several reasons. Among the things you may find useful and regarding when you go for camping, or simply enjoying a day with your pontoon boat or fishing is, perhaps, a Hammock. A hammock is really a simple object but needs to be constructed with the appropriate quality materials to obtain the desired effect. It is made of a sling made of fabric, rope, or netting, suspended between two points. It can be used for swinging, sleeping, or resting. It normally consists of one or more cloth panels, or a woven network of twine or thin rope stretched with ropes between two firm anchor points such as trees or posts. The origin of the Hammocks seems the American regions. In particular, they were first designed and used by native inhabitants of Central and South America for resting or taking siesta. Years later, they usage was extended to ships by sailors to maximize space and ensure the maximum comfort at the same time.

How to use in simple words

The comfort strongly depends on the way that the non-spreader-bar are hung. In general, a higher bound point is preferred as well as sufficient length between points, though these two dimensions can be fixed or regulated to compensate for a lack in one or the other. The optimal angle of the attaching lines to the post -wall – tree is usually about approximately 30 degrees.

There are several ways in which one can lie in a hammock: lengthwise or across its width. It is said, however, that most hammocks are best used with a diagonal position, as it provides the most room and support. Users with back and joint pains often report some relief from these problems when sleeping in a hammock in this manner.


1. Hobo Hammocks Double Camping Hammock (Straps Included) – Portable Parachute Nylon


If you haven’t discovered the wolrd of hammocking yet, you’re missing out BIG TIME! Hammocking used to require a big hammock stand and a whole lot of space, both for hanging and for storage. But those days are behind us my friend! That’s because our double hammocks are as lightweight, packable, and storable as they come! At just 5 inches around by 8 inches tall, you can store this thing anywhere! (Including your backpack) Plus the entire setup (hammock, carabiners, and hanging straps) weighs under 2 lbs.

2. Sturdy Hammock Tree Straps with 2 Long, Heavy Duty Camping Hammock Strap Kit, Carabiners & Case by Happy Hammock Co.


Ropes are a cheap way to hang a hammock, but they create SO MANY ISSUES. They damage trees, knot can be hard to tie, and near impossible to adjust after they go up.Enter your backpacking lifesaver – HAMMOCK TREE STRAPS. Yes, hammock tree straps solve all of the common hammocking problems, from little annoyances like needing to move to a new location and setup your relaxation rig, or major ones – like you don’t care to tie knots anymore.With 15 adjustment points, setting up your hammock has never been easier.

3. #1 Hammock Tree Straps – Superior Strength – TopNotch Quality – Lifetime Warranty. Extremely Fast & Easy to Setup, No Stretch, Fits All Hammocks. Great for Camping, Backpacking, Outdoors. Set of 2


Heavy Duty Hammock Tree Straps Features: (1) are very easy to use. (2) will work perfectly with your hammock from Kammok, Hennessy, Yukon, or any other hammock. (3) are 10 feet long so that you can have them more adjustable and easy setup. (4) the loops being in a continuous series, will allow you to create a perfect “hang” on the first attempt. (5) no more fussing with finicky suspension systems…

4. Backyard to Back Country Suspension Camping Hammock By Tahoe Tribe Outfitters – for Hiking, Hunting, the Beach & More – Nylon Build w/ Easy Attach Straps


WELL THAT WAS UNEXPECTED…You got one of those other brands. So, it started out as a hammock, but now it’s a cocoon…. So stretchy. Not good…
GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR Bringing you quality you can trust, Tahoe Tribe Outfitters is better equipment for true pioneers and outdoorsmen. We combine durable nylon with sure grip polyester straps, so our top tier Suspension Hammock is one your bug out bag or travel pack should not be without!
HEAVYWEIGHT Supporting weights up to 400lbs, this is great for those that are a little bit larger than life, and fantastic for couples as well. So why not take a night out among the stars with your partner, or lounge around alone and enjoy the sunset after a long day.

5. Jumbo REE-LAX Double Hammock – Portable Nylon Parachute Material – Bicycling, Camping, Hiking, Backpacking or Travel


Be Ready To REE-LAX-No Matter Where You Roam! The REE-LAX Camping Hammock takes outdoor recreation to a new level of comfort and convenience. No more sleeping on the hard ground with twigs and critters-our hammock gives you a clean, cozy spot for those midday siestas or overnight sleeping. At 10.5 x 6.5′, it’s large enough to fit a couple-or you can sprawl out all by yourself! Hang our hammock virtually anywhere-between two trees in the woods, on the beach, on a porch, and even inside your home. It also doubles as a sunshade for those mid-hike breaks.

6. The ULTIMATE Single Person Single Nest Camping Hammock – Perfect for One, Big Enough for Two – Light Weight, Strong, Durable, Soft, Quick Drying Parachute Nylon – Natural Earth Tone Colors – 10% Donated to Humanitarian Causes


It’s the ULTIMATE Single Person Single Nest Camping Hammock – Engineered to be the best hammock experience ever. Perfect for one, big enough for two – wider and longer than a standard single person single nest hammock so you can hang alone or share with someone else. It’s great for big and tall people. No center seams so it conforms to your body shape with no pressure points. Natural earth tone Moss Green and Olive Gray colors. Lightweight, strong, portable, durable, fast drying, high quality woven nylon – it is perfect for camping, family camping, car camping, overnight camping, kayaking, scouting and back country hiking.

7. Top-Rated Double Person Nylon Camping Hammock with Tree-Friendly 9 Foot Straps; Backpacking or Relaxing: Best Portable Outdoor or Indoor Bed for Sale; Includes Steel Carabiners


Freedom In A Bag Go anywhere and stay as long as you like! UNGROUNDED portable, double person hammocks allow you the choice to travel and relax anywhere.

-Hiking – Backpacking – Camping (without tent!)
– RV Trip – Boating – Road Trip – Campus Socializing
– Extra Bed – Beach – Backyard Lounging – Picnics

One Person or Two? Our hammocks fit either way!

– Larger than standard double: 9’10” X 6’6″
– 400 lb. weight limit: go alone or invite others to join you.
– Inside or out: Sets up in seconds anywhere you want a bed or extra chair.
– Excellent for hanging out with friends at home, your yard, the woods or beach!

8. Compact, Portable Outdoor Double Hammock with Premium Color Matching Hanging Straps for Camping, Hiking & Backyard | Heavy Duty Parachute Nylon by Two Rivers Outfitter


Discover hammock nirvana! This deluxe double hammock cradles up to 2 people comfortably whether in the backyard or the deep woods. Included matching straps ensure fast, easy setup.

Why sleep on the cold, hard ground-when you can relax in heavenly comfort with the Double Hammock Complete System from Two Rivers Outfitter? Available in red or blue, this top-of-the-line outdoor nest fits 2 people with ease. Unlike inferior hammocks that require you to bring ropes from the hardware store (or your garage), ours comes with heavy-duty matching straps.

9. Large Lightweight Parachute Nylon Camping Hammock with FREE 9ft long Tree Straps and FREE Fast packaging Pouch offered by ModernNomad


Modern Nomad is a brand designed in a small, green and beautiful country located in Europe. It is designed in Latvia – the land of forests and songs of wild nature.The hammock is created to offer anyone a possibility to escape the daily routine and enjoy a taste of a nomadic lifestyle. With this equipment, it is easier than ever to create a home wherever in the world you might find yourself, be it in your backyard or a mountain range.


10. Clark NX-270 Four-Season Camping Hammock


-Full No-See-Um netting can be unzipped to foot-end where it stores in a pocket
-Breathable WeatherShield zips over netting to create water-repellent layer
-Interior access to six storage pockets which hang under hammock beds and create insulation against the cold
-Flexible poles for roomy interior

Specifications: 2 lbs 15 oz / 1.34 kg; Comfort/Safety Weight Limit: 300 lbs. / 136 kg (best for people under 6’9″ (2.1m) in height); Made in USA from American fabrics; The Clark NX-270 is a four-season hammock and the most versatile tent ever built. Whether you are expecting six feet of snow or tropical conditions, the NX-270 will serve you well. Every NX-270 comes with a combination of features you’ll find nowhere else: First, the breathable WeatherShield layer zips over the No-See-Um mosquito netting to transform the hammock into an enclosed tent, providing warmth, a wind break, or extra protection from rain and snow. Second, the insulating pocket system keeps you warmer in cold weather, removing the need for insulating pads on warmer camps.

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