Month – March 2016

The Sherlock of the Pacific War

The formation and the uniforms suggests that the operation was not the Pearl Harbor attack but the Indian Ocean Raid.

The Sherlock Holmes of the Pacific War: Ocean Indian Raid Operation or Pearl Harbor Operation ?   The following photo has been always considered as one of the iconic illustration of the previous moments to the Pearl Harbor attack, or at taken during the approach to Pearl Harbor in the context of the Hawaii Operation. […]

Yamato Battleship : Timeline and new revamped photo

IJN Yamato battleship during speed trials in a revamped photography.

IJN Yamato Battleship: Data, revamped photography and exhaustive Timeline with photos   In this post we organize and make it available all the information we have on the Battleship Yamato, including also her twin the Battleship Musashi. These two battleships formt he Yamato-class battleship. A third vessel was also designed and semi-constructed but was later […]

Youtube Integration of enhanced Photography – Video and Quiz: Battleships of the Imperial Japanese Navy

Yamashiro Battleship revamped color image.

Battleships of the Imperial Japanese Navy: Enhanced photography and polls   I have been working on enhancing the quality of old photography by reducing the noise, adding color tones and filtering using HT techniques. It means that the photography displayed in the page are unique and first time showed with this special enhancement. In addition, […]

Quiz on the Battle of the Coral Sea

shokaku carrier

Battle of Coral Sea: Summary and Quick Visual Quiz    Following the rapid expansion during January-February of 1942, the Japanese Command understood the necessity to strengthen the South Pacific flank of the Rising Empire of Japan. While some authors have the opinion that it was a defensive operation, others think that it was a preliminary […]

Quiz on the IJN Carrier Akagi

A6M2 Zero fighters prepare to launch from Akagi as part of the second wave during the attack on Pearl Harbor

Quiz on the IJN carrier Akagi    The history of the Carrier Akagi was interesting not only from the operational view point but also from the initial engineering design because she was initially laid down as an Amagi-class battlecruiser at Kure, Japan, on 6 December 1920. The name of the vessel refers to the Mount Akagi, but […]

Quiz on the Battle of Midway

he abandoned and burning Hiryū photographed by an airplane from the Hōshō

The Battle of Midway: History and Quiz   The Battle of Midway was a decisive naval duel in the Pacific War. For all readers and scholars on the Pacific War, the Battle of Midway was a critical point in the conflict and has often been referred to it as “the turning point of the Pacific”. After […]

Submarine SS-507 Jinryu Soryu-class commissioned

ss-507 submarine

Japanese Submarine SS-507 Jinryu Soryu-class commissioned   The Japanese submarine SS-507 Jinryu (じんりゅう ) JS Jinryu, SS-507) has been commissioned on 7th March 2016. It is the seventh submarine of the new Soryu-class being commissioned by the JMSDF. The approximated costs of the vessels are more than 50,000 million yen. The submarines of the Soryu-class are very advanced […]

OOB Order of Battle in the Pacific War: US Marine Corps and Japanese Army


Battle Orders in the WW2 Pacific Theater: US Marine Corps and Japanese Army.   The OOB Order of Battle in the Pacific War can be researched in several websites, however, there are also some books and guides that explain with vivid illustrations the actions and evolution of fighting forces, and also describe their organisation, strength, command, […]

Squadron/Signal Publication on Navy Air Colors and Camouflage


Squadron/Signal Publication on Navy Air Colors and Camouflage   Maybe some of you already know, but the Squadron/Signal Publication from 1983 published a very useful and vividly illustrated book on the Navy Air Colors and Camouflage from the period of 1911-1945. The book includes data, references and picture for the United States Navy, Marine Corps, […]