Month – August 2017

IJN Destroyer Asashimo

IJN Asashimo destroyer

IJN Destroyer Asashimo     IJN Asashimo destroyer  (“Morning Frost”)  participated in the last special attack mission together with the Yamato battleship. Swas a Yūgumo-class destroyer of the Imperial Japanese Navy. She was one of the several ships sunk during Operation Ten-Go by attacking US aircraft in 1945. the Asahimo Destroyer actively took part in the Battle of the Philippine Sea. During the Battle of […]

Best B-1 model kit Collection and Books

B-1b Lancer from Dragon

B-1 Bomber Model Kit Collection and Books     B-1 strategic bomber is an iconic aircraft of the US Air  Force. The development of the B-1B Lancer bomber was difficult to say the least. Originally conceived to fulfill a USAF requirement for an Advanced Manned Strategic Aircraft, the original B-1A concept aircraft was accused of being […]