23rd March 1942: Occupation of the Andaman Islands

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Japan controls the Andaman Islands


The invasion occurred on 23 March 1942 during World War II. The Andaman Islands (8,293 km² on 139 islands), are a group of islands situated in the Bay of Bengal at about 780 miles from Kolkata, 740 miles from Chennai and 120 miles from Cape Nargis in Burma.

The invasion force was led by the Carrier Ryujo as follows:


Distant Cover

  • Cruiser (flagship) Chokai
Carrier Division 4

  • Carrier Ryūjō (although listed, she did not conduct air operations)
Cruiser Division 7 – Heavy cruisers

  • Kumano
  • Suzuya
  • Mikuma
  • Mogami
Destroyer Division 11

  • Fubuki
  • Hatsuyuki
  • Shirayuki
  • Murakami

Close Cover

Destroyer Squadron 3

  • Light cruiser Sendai
Destroyer Division 19

  • Isonami
  • Uranami
  • Ayanami
Destroyer Division 20

  • Amagiri
  • Asagiri
  • Yugiri
  • Shirakumo

Invasion Force

  • Light cruiser Yura – escort unit
  • 9 Transports
  • 1 Battalion from 18th Infantry Division
  • 9th Base Force
  • Training cruiser Kashii
  • Escort ship Shumushu
  • Minelayer Hatsutaka
  • Converted gunboat Eiko Maru

Minesweeper Division 1

  • Minesweepers W1, W3, W4

Special Minesweeper Division 91

  • Minesweepers: Choko Maru, Shonan Maru #7, Shonan Maru #5

Air Unit

  • Seaplane tender Sagara Maru (operated east of the Nicobars)

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