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Remorika Strategy and History website is aimed to provide a modern interactive information about the Imperial Japanese Navy (Nihon Kaigun), the Pacific War and the History of military conflicts (WW2 and beyond) in general.

We make History alive through reviewing and playing classic and latest Wargames simulations, building model kits as well as enjoying and suggesting related epic book readings.

We hope you enjoy reading us.

We are creating a 1/700 database in which all available and ever constructed models by manufacturers can be annotated. The current problem is that same manufacturer has created the same model using different molds. The quality of the mold define the overall level of detail. It would be very useful for us, the model ships builders, to have information of the numbers of these molds so we can always know the details of the model before purchasing it. For example, Tamiya builds the ship BB Yamato with a mold number 31005, which is old mold, but also has a new mold 77009. We are interested in both old and new molds, so feel free to input two or three times the form for the same ship in case you have information for their several molds.

If you think this is interesting, and you have some models at home, you can easily check the mold number (series number) and fill up the following form. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and contribution to the community of 1/700 waterline series.


1/700 IJN Ships Database Form

Please take a few minutes to complete this evaluation survey
Type and Ship Name (Type: CV,BB,CA,CL,DD,SUB)
Mold (Series Number) Box:
Star Rating Kit Quality
(optional) Reviewer Name:
(optional) E-mail:


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