Added CA Tone and BB Ise counters Empire of the Sun wargame

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Added CA Tone and BB Ise counters Empire of the Sun wargame


Added BB Fuso, BB ISe and CA Tone to the initial setup of EotS Vassal as experimental mod.

Added BB Fuso, BB Ise and CA Tone to the initial setup of EotS Vassal as experimental mod.


By following the project explained in previous posts, we added new counters to EotS 2nd Edition played in Vassal. The new counters as the CA Tone/Chikuma Heavy Cruiser division and the BB Ise/Hyuga battleship squadron. The CA Tone and Chikuma joined the Pearl Harbour attack, therefore this counter will be located together with the main carrier strike force. The BB Ise, Hyuga will start at the same location as the BB Nagato/Mutsu and the also added previously BB Fuso/Yamashiro unit.

Note added: There is an error in one counter. The strength of the CA Tone should be 8-10-2 and not 10-10-2. The reduced value is 4-10. The CA Tone abstracts two heavy cruisers. The rest of IJN CA counters abstract four heavy cruisers. However, CA Tone also adds air search capability.

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Once we start playing, we will discuss more about balance issues and strengths numbers!



New CA Tone 8-10-2. It is weaker than others CAs because represent two ships instead of 4. It decreases intelligence factor +1 when involved in offensives with other CVs assets operating at distance 2. Reduced value is 4-8-0.

New BB Fuso 12-14 -> 6-14 (reduced)

New BB Ise 12-14 -> 6-14 (reduced)

Adjusted BB Nagato 20-14 -> 14-14 -> 7-14 (reduced)


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  1. If you are adding the Tone you have to reduce the strength of the 17-14 Kongo/Hiei in the Pearl Harbor Strike and add that counter to Op Z. The Tone CAs are in that piece.

  2. Thanks a lot Mark for your kind indication. Yes, I plan to reduce strength IJN 17-14 Kongo counter to 13-14 and of course add CA tone to Op Z for Pearl Harbor Strike. The IJN CA Tone/Chikuma division will be 8-10-2, and reduced values 4-10-2.

    On the other hand, because I also added two more counters BB Fuso(Yamashiro) 12-14 and BB Ise(Hyuga) 12-14, I plan to reduce the strength of the BB Nagato battle group from 20-14 to 12-14. If you have some thoughts/suggestions on this, please let me know. Once again, thank you and congratulations for designing this awesome EotS game.

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