Adding BB Fuso counter to the Empire of the Sun Vassal

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Adding Fuso and Yamashiro Battleships counter to the Empire of the Sun Vassal

Battleships Fuso together with battleship Yamashiro, which is in background  during maneuvers,  in some moment between March and May, 1935

Battleships Fuso together with battleship Yamashiro, which is in background during maneuvers, in some moment between March and May, 1935


This is a personal long term project that tries to add a few additional units/counters to the already awesome Empire of the Sun wargame by Mark Herman. It does not mean that these units/vessels are not included in the original design. They are properly abstracted in the already existing counters. In particular, for the Imperial Japanese Navy, the battleships have four counters: BB Nagato, BB Yamato, BB Hiei and BB Kongo. I would like to have two capital ships per counter, therefore, two more counters would be necessary. The current design probably abstracted in the BB Nagato counter the BB Nagato, Mutsu, Fuso and Yamashiro. Possibly, the  the BB Kongo counter abstracted the BB Kongo, Kirishima, Hyuga and Ise.  Then, the remaining BB Yamato counter would abstract Yamato and Musashi and the BB Hiei counter the BB Hiei and Haruna.

In a previous post I detailed the configuration I’m developing as well as my thoughts on the existing design. Let me say that the existing design is very well balanced. By adding new units/counters, it will generate some unbalance situation regarding the activation of units, and strengths of some other units may need to be re-scaled. I explain about this here.

Adding new units to the Empire of the Sun

Some other players investigated several additions such as the AV Chitose and US submarine bases, some of these additions were published in the C3i magazine. This is also an attempt in similar direction. My favorite is the Imperial Japanese Navy so when I play Pacific War by Victory Games, I enjoy to have all counters for capital ships. The problem is that the full campaign is a little long :), therefore the Empire of the Sun provides the ideal framework to accomplish a strategic level game for the full campaign in a feasible time. In addition, if the EoTS may included major vessels for the IJN, much better :). Anyway, I hope to get any constructive comment to improve the balance of the game with the additional units. I will also report my own experiences when playing the game with the new settings.

Today I post the BB Fuso counter, which abstracts the BB Fuso and Yamashiro. It will have 12-14 values. The screenshot shows the reduced counter just for illustration purposes. The new counter is included in my customized Vassal module version.


Added BB Fuso counter to the Empire of the Sun Vassal

Added BB Fuso counter to the Empire of the Sun Vassal


The initial OOB setup and location in Empire of the Sun wargame is very excellent. Indeed, the Fuso was assigned to the 2nd Division together with the Yamashiro by September 1941.The Ise and Hyuga Battleships also formed part of the 2nd Division. For the Pearl Harbour operation, the 2nd Division did not participate directly. However, the 2nd Division, reinforced by the battleships Nagato and Mutsu and the light carrier Hosho, sortied from Hashirajima to the Bonin Islands (see near Iwo Jima location). The objective was to provide a close support for the 1st Air Fleet attacking Pearl Harbor, in case it was necessary.

If you observe the above screenshot (or see the initial set up for the campaign game in the Empire of the Sun), you will see that the Hashirajima base (Hiroshima) location contains the BB the Nagato and CV Zuiho counters. I think the BB Nagato counter abstracts the reinforced 2nd Division. My question was always why BB Kongo (17) is stronger than BB Hiei (13). This could only be possible if BB Kongo included an additional Ise-Class battleship squadron. The CV Zuiho counter abstracts correctly the CV Hosho and Zuiho light carriers with the CL and DD escorts. Anyway, I wanted to visualize independently, the main battleships squadrons, so now BB Fuso and Yamashiro counter is an independent battleship squadron and it is positioned in Hashirajima waiting to support the Pearl Harbor attack like historically did it :)

Next additions will include the independent BB Ise/Hyuga counter and CA Tone/Chikuma counter. I will also edit a special AAR with high detail of the operations and the narrative connecting/comparing with historical facts as much as possibly. I wish I had more free time. Stay tuned :)


PS: An interesting model for the former IJN Fuso Ironclad 1878.

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