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AirLand Battle is a new game that allows you to command modern ground and air forces. This game has a strategic component because there is a european map in which you can move and deploy forces and also perform strategic level actions. But where this game really shines is in the tactical aspect. It is a 3D simulation game but the system is quite original and new. I have never seen a game like this before.

Why I like

-The simulation is very realistic. It consumes not so much resources compared with the graphics it offers.
-Tanks, infantry, aircrafts are highly detailed. Explosions, visual and sound effects are also very excellent.

Some people may feel that it can be a bit complicated to manage the units using real time. It depends on whether you can push the pause button to consider your movements.

I agree that perhaps it loses a bit of strategic components, but like real modern warfare the battles are decided in less one hour at most. There are not expected to be large groups of forces engaged for days holding a stable front line. It is therefore realistic for this kind of game to play short and quick battles, where commander has less perspective or control of the entire battle field:
Wargame Airland Battle [Online Game Code]

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