Auxiliary ships IJN

The list of auxiliary ships in the Imperial Japanese Navy


Aikoku Maru (1940)
Japanese repair ship Akashi
Japanese battleship Asahi
Asama Maru
Ashizuri-class combat support ship
Ayatosan Maru
Azumasan Maru (1933)

SS China Maru (1920)

Hashima-class cable layer
Japanese fleet oiler Hayasui
Chichibu Maru

Japanese ship Ikutagawa Maru
Ramb II
Japanese food supply ship Irako
Japanese minelayer Itsukushima

Kaiyō No.1-class oceanographic research ship
Japanese seaplane tender Kamoi
Japanese munition ship Kashino
Japanese fleet oiler Kazahaya
Kinai Maru (1930)
Kinesaki-class food supply ship
SS Kokai Maru (1939)
Kōtoku Maru (1937)

Landing craft carrier

Nagata Maru
Nankai Maru
Japanese seaplane carrier Nisshin
Noshiro Maru

Ōmi Maru

Ryoyo Maru (1931)

Shirakumo-class destroyer
Japanese minelayer Shirataka
Sunosaki-class combat support ship

Taruyasu Maru
SS Talthybius (1911)
Teiyō Maru (1931)
Japanese oiler Tōhō Maru (1936)
Tokai Maru

SM U-55
Ukishima Maru

Yasukuni Maru (1930)
Yokohama Maru (1912)
SS Yoshida Maru


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