Axis Empires Dai Senso China Incident Turn 1 Corrected

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Axis Empires Dai Senso China Incident Turn 1 Corrected


There were some movements and actions incorrectly done in the previous AAR for turn 1, Axis Phase.

I re-write these actions as follows:


An important point to bear in mind is that Blitz counter is placed before the movement phase, but after movement phase, the blitz enabled units can perform an attack in blitz, and again these units can attack in regular combat phase.

In this situation, the Japanese Army, places a blitz counter in a Hopeh port and enables units in distance 2.

Movement Phase


Movement of Japanese Armies

Movement of Japanese Armies


The movement phase starts with a Japanese army invading Peiping and another Japanese Army taking the port in which was placed the Blitz counter. Furthermore, a Japanese corps moves by convoy to that post from Kyushuu.

Blitz Combat


Blitz phase combat

Blitz phase combat


Hopeh First Area Army is target of Blitz attack. The HQ provides support with 7-2 ratio (3-1) and one left shift in CTR due to river, which is compensated by the right shift from the HQ. The die roll result is 6 which means Ex. The Japanese loses one step (corps) and the Hopeh unit choses to retreat to Taiyan.

Regular Combat phase


Regular  combat phase

Regular combat phase


In regular combat phase, the Japanese Army in Peiping supported by the HQ attacks Kweisu. The die roll is 3, leading to the elimination of the garrison unit, and the advance to Kweisu city.


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