Axis Empires Dai Senso: China Incident Turn 1

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Axis Empires Dai Senso: The China Incident Turn 1


This is the second post of the Axis Empire Dai senso: The China Incident training scenario.This post covers the operations of the Axis (Japanese side) in the first turn of the China Incident scenario. The situation after the movement phase of Japanese player is shown  below.

Dai senso wargame: The China incident turn 1.

Dai senso wargame: The China incident turn 1.


Option Card Segment

The Japanese player chose one of the two available cards as current player card.
The selected card gives two steps (1-1-1) as replacements. It is more aggressive than the other one. The political segment is skipped in this initial turn.

The two replacement steps are placed in a Home port, in this case in Kyushuu. I think they cannot be placed in Manchukuo or Korea. Only in Home cities or ports.

Support units and Convoy placement

Then, the Japanese side considers the support units and convoy placement segment. Since there are no air or naval support units he can skip this part. But there is one convoy in the force pool, then he places it in the Yellow Sea.

Movement phase

The Japanese ground forces initiate a local offensive by moving one army 3-3-1 and occupying the open city Peiping. Then, a second Japanese Army moves one hex and occupies an empty port from Hopeh country (see blue arrows). This port is used in the same turn to disembark a unit from Kyushuu Japan as follows:

During the movement phase, the Japanese uses the convoy to transport one step unit (1-1-1) from Kyushuu to the captured port above Tsinan (see red arrow). Then two Japanese units (3-3-1 and 1-1-1) occupy the port currently. The convoy then is moved to the used naval box.

Then, the movement phase ends and phase players moves into combat phase.

Combat Phase

The Japanese Army in Peiping attacks the Hopeh unit in west suburbs of Peiping supported by Manchukuo HQ unit. The Hopeh unit defends in a city and gets one left shift in the CRT. But the support of the HQ also equals the situation with a right shift. The Japanese attacks 3-1 and gets a dice roll of 2 which means DR1: The defender retreats and hex and the Japanese army advances one more hex.  Since there is no armor units, the Japanese cannot exploit the breakthrough with a second attack.

This ends the attack phase. The convoy in used box will be moved to the force fool. The phase player will become the Western faction.

What if Blitz

The Japanese side was considering to continue the offensive against south, Kiangsu. In particular, attacking Nanking with the two units in Shanghai and with the support of a blitz counter placed in Nanking. But the odds are not inspiring. The attack would be 3 factors against 4 defending factors plus one shift to the left because Nanking is a city. The Blitz does not imply a right shift for the attacker as far as I know. The blitz counter only allows one attack before the regular combat phase starts, therefore, the two Japanese units would be to attack again the regular phase. The ratio is 1-1 with one left shift, therefore, the Japanese HQ decides to wait and use the Blitz counter later. Note that the Blitz counter also has political effects since a dice roll should be played and can lead to change the leading government in Japan from Army to Navy.

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