Battle of Coral Sea (IV)

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The battle is not over yet. It is 9th May, and I still have to play my turn as Japanese. My experience with the game, as it is not the first time I play it, is quite positive. I’m enjoying it, however there are some aspects i would like to mention:

  1. Sometimes I feel there is little control of what you want to do. For example, you can ask one TF to go to one specific position. It is easy to do that but the speed and when it arrives there, it is not so clear. I guess it only depends on the experience of the player
  2. You cannot decide when a carrier attacks enemy carrier. Depending on your commander and the intelligence you have and distance, and reaction numbers as well as range set for air groups it will happen or not. It is a bit contradictory that you have all possible controls of pilots, training, resources but you can ask the commander of the carrier to launch an attack againts other carriers or TFs. you can do so however to ground targets. Maybe it is enough realistic for some players, and I see it has some logic and well-grounded reasons but sometimes I would like to do so as I can do in an other board game. But the game is good enough so that I should get used to it and change my way of think :)

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