Big Data Analysis in the Battlefield

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The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is actively considering new projects on the emerging field of Big Data analysis. The data structure in the battlefield is complex and Big Data offers new opportunities for its analysis and integration with all the military platforms involved.

There are many possible ways to employ big data analysis in the battlefield.

The first one is related to military intelligence. The outcome of a battle is nowadays largely determined by intelligence information of both sides. It is not only the volume of processed data but also the speed of the information gathered. Using big data techniques the scientists can process much faster the information.

Coordination plays a capital role in any battle. This is when big data can help again. Many interdependent units are moving in the battlefield and generating lots of information. Commanders located at some distance of the battlefield have to take decision based on many variables. Historically, commanders took decisions based on a limited number of variables. Computers can process faster all relevant variables, in large numbers and determine the optimal solution in each scenario.

Each army has a clearly defined set of weapons and platforms with weak and strong points in both defensive and offensive aspects of strategy. Optimizing the resources for offensive and defensive operations can help commanders to evaluate precisely the best options and safe decisive and valuable time in the battle.

The last aspect in which big data is playing a crucial and promising role is in the cyber-security and internet security. The flow of information is like water through tubes in which a small hole can lose big amount of liquid or information. With tons of data flowing through sensors and going through battle field,  it poses a danger because enemy might be able to decode that data and break the security and obtain decisive intelligence. There are therefore many projects and efforts to increase the encryption of documents, and files so that espionage is becoming more difficult task. Individual privacy can also be in compromise by big data since the people and citizens around the world can potentially being investigated or analyzed and data stored systematically. The role of big data is starting to be crucial in many aspects of society from medical are and therapy to industrial process and artificial intelligence. the use of bid data in military operations and strategies in the battlefield is a reality too. With powerful machines considering every detail of the battle tactics and strategy and with potentially many Atlas Robot, the most advanced humanoid, penetrating the enemy lines supported by dozens of aerial drones,  the victory could be just a question of hours. Big data may be the last step in the learning of the art-of-war.

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