Imperial Japanese Navy Akizuki class destroyer

Akizuki-class destroyer from the Imperial Japanese Navy Destroyer Akizuki (Akizuki-class) during a trial, 17th May 1942.

Imperial Japanese Navy Akizuki class destroyer (1941-44)     From 1942, the Akizuki-class destroyers were one of the leading classes of new destroyers of the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) The IJN called them Type-B Destroyer from their plan name. They were designed to fight smaller ships, aircraft and submarines. The Akizuki-clas involved 7 vessels under project F51. In addition, the Fuyutsuki subclass were originally going […]

Best B-17 flying fortress model airplane kit

B-17 Flying Fortress

Best B-17 flying fortress model airplane kit   The Flying Fortress B-17 was a legendary strategic bomber. She began operations in World War II with the Royal Air Force (RAF) in 1941, and in the Southwest Pacific with the U.S. Army. The 19th Bombardment Group had deployed to Clark Field in the Philippines a few weeks before the Japanese attack […]

HoI4 BICE Graphics Art Gallery Sprites

HoI4 BICE: Night Battle of Pozan

HoI4 BICE Graphics Art Gallery Sprites     Hearts of Iron 4 BICE can be Holy Grail on Wargames? When searching the Holy Grail of Grand Strategy World War II games, you can find very interesting boardgames but also a few computer games that contains lots of details on the conflict. This is the case […]

Top List Mitsubishi G4M1 Bomber “Betty” model kits

Mitsubishi bomber Betty mode kit 1/72 scale

Top List Mitsubishi G4M1 Bomber “Betty” model kits       The Mitsubishi G4M was one of the most famous land-based bomber used by the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service in World War II. She received the code name Betty from the Allies. Japanese Navy pilots called it Hamaki  because of its elongated shape, similar to a cigar. The G4M had […]

Top List Luftwaffe decals 1/72 scale

Decals WW2 Luftwaffe 1/72

Top List Luftwaffe decals 1/72 scale     Luftwaffe decals at 1/72 scale is a comprehensive list of all available (or mostly) decals for your built WW2 German aircrafts.  Sometimes, you may wish to paint or decorate an aircraft not with the default decals but with that exact squadron camo or unit you saw in […]

Radio Remote Control Tank US M1A2 Abrams

Radio Remote Control US M1A2 Abrams

Tank Radio Remote Control US M1A2 Abrams       Full scale R/C function simulative motor start-up sound Maximum side turning angel of turret (left/right) approximately 320-degree The barrel moves up and down 30. the turret turns 320 emulation music and action effect Latest 2.4G System V4.0 built in. 2 sound effects , Switch one […]

IJN Destroyer Asashimo

IJN Asashimo destroyer

IJN Destroyer Asashimo     IJN Asashimo destroyer  (“Morning Frost”)  participated in the last special attack mission together with the Yamato battleship. Swas a Yūgumo-class destroyer of the Imperial Japanese Navy. She was one of the several ships sunk during Operation Ten-Go by attacking US aircraft in 1945. the Asahimo Destroyer actively took part in the Battle of the Philippine Sea. During the Battle of […]

Best B-1 model kit Collection and Books

B-1b Lancer from Dragon

B-1 Bomber Model Kit Collection and Books     B-1 strategic bomber is an iconic aircraft of the US Air  Force. The development of the B-1B Lancer bomber was difficult to say the least. Originally conceived to fulfill a USAF requirement for an Advanced Manned Strategic Aircraft, the original B-1A concept aircraft was accused of being […]

Takom Kits Collection 1/35 German Tanks


Takom Model Kit Collection 1/35 German Tanks   Takom is a Chinese model kit maker that is positively surprising me not only because the quality of the new models they are producing but also because the originality of the designs they are choosing. They are producing very interesting models of tanks and equipment that probably […]

Imperial Japanese Navy Destroyer Mutsuki-class

IJN Mutsuki-class destroyer in 1930

Imperial Japanese Navy Destroyer Mutsuki-class   The IJN Destroyer Mutsuki-class was an improved version or extension of the earlier Kamikaze-class (1921-1922) and Minekaze-class(1917-1920). There were twelve units constructed between 1924 and 1927. They saw combat during World War 2 and any of them survived to the war. They received traditional Japanese names corresponding to the months […]

HoI4 Japan 1936 Asian Geopolitical analysis


HoI4 Japan 1936 Asia Geopolitical analysis   In HoI4, January 1936, Japan starts with two allied nations (puppet states), namely Kingdom of Mengjiang and Empire (unity 70%) of Manchukuo (unity 60%) They conform the Co-prosperity sphere (daitoa kyoeiken). The leaders are Prince Demchugdongrub and Emperor Puyi, respectively. The first one has “spirit of Genghis Khan” […]