Ardennes 1944: Hitler’s last gamble

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The first book I would like to introduce will be available on 21st May 2015, according to amazon, and is written by Antony Beevor.
It is entitled “Ardennes 1944: Hitler’s Last Gamble”.

Antony Beevor is a Historian and has written many books on famous battles and historical events during the World War II. Some of his famous titles include the Battle of Berlin, Stalingrad, Crete and the Spanish Civil War among many others. I like his way of writing and in particular how he does historical research in his works. He finds novel sources of information, navigating in old archives from USSR or Germany and even collecting letters sent by soldiers to their homes. The descriptions are sometimes crude but transmit vividly the hard living conditions the soldiers faced in the front line.

closely related with the anniversary of ending the WWII, we are glad to have new titles in the market, and this time is the turn of the Battle of the Ardennes. There are some books in the market and as far as I know, this one and one more written by Christer Bergström are the latest one on this topic. I will review the Christer Bergström’s Book in different post.

I think the book will be available on 21st May at least in Amazon so I think you can make pre-orders before the date. I have read most of Beevor books and I’m pretty sure this one on the Battle of Ardennes will be a best seller too.

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