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Top List Mitsubishi G4M1 Bomber “Betty” model kits

Mitsubishi bomber Betty mode kit 1/72 scale

Top List Mitsubishi G4M1 Bomber “Betty” model kits       The Mitsubishi G4M was one of the most famous land-based bomber used by the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service in World War II. She received the code name Betty from the Allies. Japanese Navy pilots called it Hamaki  because of its elongated shape, similar to a cigar. The G4M had […]

USS Navy Carrier Deck 1/144 scale

USS Carrier Deck 1/144 scale

USS Navy Carrier Deck 1/144 Scale       For all those that love 1/144 scale aircrafts, you may find the following item very appealing. You may have always dreamed of having a carrier for your 1/144 planes. However, the complete carrier would occupy too much space at your room. There is a smart and […]

Nakajima G10N Fugaku Mount Fuji Japanese Strategic Bomber

Nakajima G10N Fugaku "Mount Fuji"

Nakajima G10N Fugaku “Mount Fuji”: Long Range Strategic Bomber 1/144 scale   The ultra long range strategy bomber of the Imperial Japanese Air Force was called Nakajima G10N Fugaku which means Mount Fuji in Japanese. The purpose of the development was to perform aerial bombing campaigns along industrial targets along the West Coast (e.g., San Francisco), Midwestern and Northeastern of […]

Tanks 1/144 scale models largest collection

M1A1 Abrams 1/144 scale

Tanks 1/144 scale models   Dragon has one of the most impressive collections for 1/144 tanks. I review some models of this collection in a previous post. However, and unfortunately, most of the dragons tank models are not available. But the good news is that other manufacturers are still producing models at this scale. F-toys […]

1:144 scale infantry and halftrack cars

German Halftracks at 1/144 scale.

1:144 scale infantry and half-track cars     I started my collection of 1/144 tanks, from different manufactures including dragon and world of tanks museum, but I always miss an important models for the diorama: Infantry units! Recently, it seems that new manufactures and providing these valuable units. In particular, Pegasus has produced a series […]