Battleship Yamato

Yamato Battleship : Timeline and new revamped photo

IJN Yamato battleship during speed trials in a revamped photography.

IJN Yamato Battleship: Data, revamped photography and exhaustive Timeline with photos   In this post we organize and make it available all the information we have on the Battleship Yamato, including also her twin the Battleship Musashi. These two battleships formt he Yamato-class battleship. A third vessel was also designed and semi-constructed but was later […]

Youtube Integration of enhanced Photography – Video and Quiz: Battleships of the Imperial Japanese Navy

Yamashiro Battleship revamped color image.

Battleships of the Imperial Japanese Navy: Enhanced photography and polls   I have been working on enhancing the quality of old photography by reducing the noise, adding color tones and filtering using HT techniques. It means that the photography displayed in the page are unique and first time showed with this special enhancement. In addition, […]

Quiz on the Battle of the Coral Sea

shokaku carrier

Battle of Coral Sea: Summary and Quick Visual Quiz    Following the rapid expansion during January-February of 1942, the Japanese Command understood the necessity to strengthen the South Pacific flank of the Rising Empire of Japan. While some authors have the opinion that it was a defensive operation, others think that it was a preliminary […]

A new page ready for the timeline of the Japanese Battleship Yamato

By following previous experiments with different warships (see Heavy cruiser Chikuma, and Battleships Yamashiro and Musashi), we have prepared now the entire timeline of the Battleship Yamato. Yamato battleship, together with the Musashi battleship, was probably one of the most famous warships ever constructed by navies in the world. Yamato Battleship used advanced technology combined […]