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Russian Aircraft Carrier Admiral Kuznetsov model kits

Admiral Kuznetsov model kit at 1/350 scale.

Admiral Kuznetsov model Russian Aircraft Carrier: Model kits and Photo-Etched super-detail components.     The Admiral Kuznetsov Russian carrier responded to different necessities in the Russian navy if compared to the American navy.Historically, the naval doctrine of the United States and the Soviet Union was very different. The main mission of Admiral Kuznetsov-class was to […]

Squadron/Signal Publication on Navy Air Colors and Camouflage


Squadron/Signal Publication on Navy Air Colors and Camouflage   Maybe some of you already know, but the Squadron/Signal Publication from 1983 published a very useful and vividly illustrated book on the Navy Air Colors and Camouflage from the period of 1911-1945. The book includes data, references and picture for the United States Navy, Marine Corps, […]

DDH-184 Kaga (24DDH) and embarked F-35 ?

The new Helicopter destroyer DHH-184 Kaga (24DDH) from the Izumo-class is re-opening again the discussion about the necessity of the JMSDF for a conventional fleet carrier with embarked F-35 fighters. To understand the issue of the Japanese F-35, we need to flash back to 2011. Since 2011, Japan initiated a large-scale program of $8 billion […]