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According to the C3i Magazine, there are some minor corrections on the counters of The Empire of The Sub game (EoTS). The changes are published here, are as follows:

  • CVL Ryuho becomes the CVL Ryujo (same values & silhouette)
  • CVL Junyo becomes the CV Junyo (same values & silhouette)
  •  CVL Kaiyo becomes the CVE Kaiyo (same values & silhouette)


Therefore, we have to consider the equivalence of the counter CVL Ryujo to real historical units. She formed the 4th Carrier Division 第四航空戦隊 on December 1941 with  Kasuga Maru (Taiyō), and the Destroyer Division 3 : Shiokaze, Hokaze.


The CVL Ryujo was commissioned on 9 May 1933, 48 aircraft carried, 8,000 tons of normal displacement and 28 knots of speed. She was sunk on 24 August 1942 during the Battle of Eastern Solomons after four bombs and a torpedo hit.


The CVL Taiyo was commissioned on September 2, 1941. She carried 27 planes, 17,830 long tons, and 21 knots of speed. She was sunk on 18 August 1944 after being hit by torpedoes from the USS submarine Rasher off Cape Bolinao, Luzon. She was one of the three ocean liners converted to troopships during WWII.


Escort Carrier taiyo at Yokosuka, Japan, 30 Sep 1943 Source: Maritime history and Science Museum






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