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The Light Aircraft Carrier Fleet provided support and logistic capability to the main strike force. In the Empire of the Sun (EoTS) game, there is a counter named CVL Zuiho. 


This CVL Zuiho counter represents the Carrier Division 3 第三航空戦隊, Dai San Kōkū Sentai, composed of the CVL Zuiho and CVL Shoho.

The CVL Shoho was commissioned after the WWII started on 26 Jan 1942 and was lost during the first combat  she participated, in the battle of coral sea on 7 May 1942. She was struck by more than 11 bombs and 7 torpedoes sinking within minutes.


The CVL Zuiho was commissioned on 27 December 1941, carried 30 planes and 11,262 tons of normal displacement, 28 knots of speed. After several battles, she was sunk during the Battle of Cape Engano on 25 October 1944, after multiple bombs and torpedo hits.



CVL Zuiho. Photo taken at Yokosuka, Dec 1940.


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