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Imperial Japanese Navy -Nihon Kaigun-

Here we review the capital and escort ships of the Imperial Japanese Navy

Aircraft Carriers

  • Carriers of Imperial Japanese Navy as of December 1941.
  • The Japanese Fleet Aircraft Carriers:
    Akagi and Kaga
  • The Japanese Fleet Aircraft Carriers:
    Shokaku and Zuikaku
  • The Japanese Fleet Aircraft Carriers:
    Hiryu and Soryu

    Light Aircraft carriers of Imperial Japanese Navy
  •   The Japanese Light Aircraft Carriers:
  •  Zuiho and Shoho  
Light Aircraft carriers of Imperial Japanese Navy II




Heavy Cruisers


  • The Tone-class Heavy Cruiser:
    Tone and Chikuma
  • The Mogami-class Heavy Cruiser:
    Mogami, Mikuma, Suzuya and Kumano
  • The Myoko-class Heavy Cruiser:
    Myoko, Nachi, Haguro, Ashigara
  • The Takao-class Heavy Cruiser:
    Takao, Atago, Maya and Chokai
  • The Furutaka-class Heavy Cruiser:
    Furutaka, Kako, Aoba, Kinugasa


Light Cruisers:


  • Tenryu-class Light Cruiser:
    Tenryu and Tatsuta
  • Oyodo-class Light Cruiser:
  • Agano-class Light Cruiser:
    Agano, Noshiro, Yahagi, Sakawa
  • Katori-class Light Cruiser:
    Katori, Kashima, Kashii
  • Yubari-class Light Cruiser:
  • Naka-class Light Cruiser:
    Sendai, Jintsu, Naka
  • Nagara-class Light Cruiser:
    Abukuma, Nagara, Natori, Kinu, Yura, Isuzu
  • Kuma-class Light Cruiser:
    Kuma, Tama, Kiso, Kitakami, Oi

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