Empire of the Sun 2nd Edition arrived!

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Yes, finally, my box with the Empire of the Sun 2nd Edition has arrived home! I could not wait to open it and admire the components. GMT always produce high quality counters and components in general and this time is not an exception. The counters are lovely and colorful. The main change is that now the Imperial Japanese Navy uses white background for counters and red for written combat and movement factors. The ground forces and planes that depend on the Army not Navy) are still in the classical  yellow color. I think it tries to visualize that cooperation was not always good between Army and Navy so they acted sometimes in a different and non-cooperative mode. This is quite well represented in the game mechanics.

The map is mounted one, not too big and not too small. Only one and thick, which seems robust and allow to put it in any conventional table at home. The details of the map are also impressive, you can enjoy just watching it even without playing :)

I would like to review more deeply some games using EoTS in a near future so I will try to post some pics from each one when I set up the initial forces for each scenario.



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