F-35 will extend operational life until 2070

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F-35 will fly until 2070


The latest reports from Pentagon suggests that the F-35 joint strike fighter will be flying for combat operations until 2070. This news indicate that the operation life of the most advanced jet of the US Air Force, US Navy and US Marine Corps will be operative by 6 years more than planned.

f-35b japanese

F-35B aboard an American carrier in the pacific.


Of course this new extension has a drawback because it would be necessary an additional estimated budget of around $45 billion in operating and support (O&S) costs to the previously 2015 estimate.


Taking into account this numbers, if the previously 2014 estimate for the 55 years of expected F-35 service until year 2064 was $1016.5 billion (i.e. approximately over $1 trillion), this new reported extension of the operational time for at least 60-year estimate that will allow the F-35s fly in combat operations until 2070 will require a total amount of $1123.8 billion.

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