France wins contract for 12 Australian Navy Submarines

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France wins contract for 12 Australian Navy submarines


What it seemt to be a win-to-win cooperation with the Japanese Navy has result in a totally different outcome. Against expectation, the Soryu-class submarine has not been selected by the Australian Navy. Instead, the DCNS of France is the winner of Australia’s $50 billion (US$38.54 billion) Future Submarine (Sea 1000) program.

Twelve submarines will be constructed in Australia, Adelaide. They will generate more than 2,400 jobs. It seems that the experience in this kind of multinational projects of France was determinant to be selected instead of Germany or Japan competitors. Japan and Germany had less experience in this type of projects. In addition, the long range of the French submarine together with the mixed propulsion system may have also contributed to the last decision.

Personally, I  think it is a strategic mistake because it was a good opportunity to share technology and operate same systems allows further integration in complex joint operations. Having different submarine systems, does not contribute to joint Australian-Japan operations, but there were many factors in the decision. In addition, I still think that technologically, in terms of silent capabilities, the Soryu outperforms French competitor.

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