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Since the Izumo has become the largest carrier (or “helicopter-carrying destroyer”) constructed by Japan since World War II, many analysts have discussed its role and future strategies of the JMSDF. Moreover, there are reports saying that new unit, DDH-184 is also in at advanced stage of construction. The Izumo has 27,000 ton, 31 knot vessel that provides a critical advantages in anti-submarine and amphibious capabilities, and immediately became one of the best warships in the Asia.

Izumo is an improved version of the Hyuga-class light carriers, which displace about 19,000 tons. Analysts suggest that Japan could easily construct a larger flat-decked amphib, or even a full fleet carrier. But there are two problems:

First, the power-projection capability relies on the United States. By adding F-35B VSTOL Joint Strike Fighters to the Izumo could provide Japan with a full carrier capability. another option is to carry attack helicopters in her current configuration. The second problem is the psat history, when the combined fleet ruled the pacific due to the superiority of the naval air power. This image has strong opposition in both Japan and abroad therefore it is unclear the strategy for this future developments that involve flat-decked vessels. It is possible however that if India, China and Russian increase their carrier capabilities, Japan may need to adjust to the new situation faster than expected.


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