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Gallery of the Imperial Japanese Navy Carriers Akagi and Kaga at 1:2000 scale

By following our project to rebuild the entire Imperial Japanese Navy at 1/2000 scale, today we report about the new constructed models: The Akagi and Kaga Fleet carriers. As I reported in a previous post, the carriers Zuikaku and Shokaku were already built. These are models are 1/2000 scale manufactured by F-toys and sold as Kancolle Navy Collection. As you can see below with the images, the scale is small but the detail level is very high and really impressive. Of course, as I’m builder myself in different scales such as 1/700, you can notice the lack of details in some areas compared with 1/700 scale. But these 1/2000 scale models are not made to look at too close distance. These carriers also come with a set of pre-painted aircrafts, including 3 zeroes, 3 Vals and 3 Kates. Later, I combine these kits with the wargame Empire of the Sun by GMT.

Pre-painted aircrafts included in the model at 1:2000 scale.

Pre-painted aircrafts included in the model at 1:2000 scale.


The construction of the model kits Akagi and Kaga was really very smooth and it had no problems. Most of components fitted very well each other.

The Akagi carrier under construction at 1/2000 scale.

The Akagi carrier under construction at 1/2000 scale.


I used some additional paintings, even though the models are pre-painted. I use flat white, black and Grey Japanese Navy.



Playing with light direction and working on the photos you can obtained quite interesting visual effects, even though this scale is really small (1/2000).

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And this is what happens when you play Empire of the Sun boardgame many times. The counters become literally alive…and take the form of the real abstracted vessels they represent.

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The Akagi is was one of the most famous vessels in the IJN, therefore there several models at different scales. For those who enjoy larger scales such as 1/350, you can find the Akagi and Kaga from different manufacturers. They also have many highly detailed sets so you can customize the model:

Stealthy approach...on moonlight.

Stealthy approach…on moonlight.

Hope you have enjoyed the visual gallery of the Imperial Japanese Navy, and we will continue constructing them until the entire fleet is rebuilt. :)

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