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In this section, I would review some of the games that address the entire period of the WWII which special attention to the European Theater. They are called grand strategy games. I think I would focus on games that are originally designed to be played using board map, with physical counters.

Occasionally, however, I can compare with computer games or introduce the compute game itself. Most of the board games have VASSAL modules, so it is possible to play them using PC without needing to deploy them on tables. I personally prefer the physical game, which allows to visualize the units in large maps without having to scroll with mouse here and there. But when space is limited and you just want to train yourself with the new rules, VASSAL can be a good option.

Currently, I plan to review the following games:

-Unconditional Surrender! World War II in Europe (2014)

-Axis Empires: Totaler Krieg! 1937-1945 (2011)

-Axis Empires: Dai senso 1937-1945 (2011)
Note that these two games can be combined and play the entire WWII using pacific and European Theaters.

-The Supreme Commander (2013)


Ready to be played! :)

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