GMT Next War India-Pakistan: Pakistan Army OOB Review

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GMT Next War India-Pakistan: Pakistan Army OOB Review


Here we continue the extensive review devoted to the fascinating boardgame from GMT: The Next War India-Pakistan. In previous issues we focus on the Indian Army and Air Force as well as the Pakistan Air Force. There is still an important subject remaining, which is the Pakistan Army.

Pakistan Units in the GMT NEXT war India-Pakistan war game.

Pakistan Units in the GMT NEXT war India-Pakistan war game.

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In total, the Pakistan Army deploys 11  Corps as follows:

First, we focus on the I Corps. The HQ is located in the Mangla, Punjab. It consist of the 6th Armoured Division (Gujranwala), 17th Infantry Division (Kharian), 37th Infantry Division (Kharian). In the game, this corps is represented in blue color. Although it contains the main divisional units, in the game it also deploys two brigades, the 11th Armoured Brigade and the 5th Infantry Brigade.

The II Corps shares location with the I Corps in Multan, Punjab. It deploys the 1st Armoured Division (Multan), 14th Infantry Division (Okara), 40th Infantry Division (Okara). Again, two more brigades are represented in the game, namely, the 8th Armoured Brigade and the 9th Infantry Brigade. In the game, the counters represent this unit with violet color.


The IV Corps is deployed at the Lahore, Punjab. It consists of the 2nd Artillery Division (Gujranwala), 10th Infantry Division (Lahore), 11th Infantry Division (Lahore). This corps is represented in the game with red color. The 3rd Armoured brigade and the 212nd Infantry Brigade are included in the game. Main divisional units are properly represented in the game too.

The V Corps is located at Karachi, Sindh. It consists of the 16th Infantry Division (Pano Aqil), 18th Infantry Division (Hyderabad), 25th Mechanized Division (Malir). This corps is not represented in the game. Perhaps because it contains independent brigades, which are scattered through the rest of the corps. But it may also because it is not deployed near the Indian border either.

The X Corps is located at the Rawalpindi, Punjab and includes the Force Command Gilgit-Baltistan (Gilgit), 12th Infantry Division (Murree), 19th Infantry Division (Mangla), 23rd Infantry Division (Jhelum). This corps is represented in the game with dark green color and includes the 12th Infantry Divisions (a and b), the 19th Inf. Div. and the 23rd Inf. Div. The 8th Armoured Brigade and the 11th Inf. Brigage are also included in the game.

The XI Corps is based on Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and includes the 7th Infantry Division (Peshawar), 9th Infantry Division (Kohat). In the game, it includes these two divisional units and in addition it has the 15th Armoured Brigade. The Corps counters are denoted by light green color.

The XII Corps is located at Quetta, Balochistan and deploys the 33rd Infantry Division (Quetta), 41st Infantry Division (Quetta). The game represents these two divisional counters and in addition includes the brigades 12th (armoured) and 303th (Infantry). This corps is represented in cyan color.

The  XXX Corps is located at the Gujranwala, Punjab. It includes the 8th Infantry Division (Pakistan) (Sialkot), 15th Infantry Division (Pakistan) (Sialkot). It is displayed in orange color in the counters and the game includes the 2nd Armoured Brigade and 214th Infantry Brigade.

The XXXI Corps is deployed in Bahawalpur, Punjab. It includes the 26th Mechanized Division (Bahawalpur), 35th Infantry Division (Bahawalpur). The game OOB perfectly describes the two divisions in yellow color. In addition, it deploys the 13th Armoured Brigade and the 101th Inf. Brigade.

Two more Air Defence Corps are the Army Air Defence Command locate at Rawalpindi, Punjab. This includes 3rd Air Defence Division (Sargodha), 4th Air Defence Division (Malir). The other is the Army Strategic Forces Command deployed at Rawalpindi, Punjab including the21st Artillery Division (Pano Aqil), 22nd Artillery Division (Sargodha).

In addition, the game includes a Corps size unit named FCNA. In real OOB it denotes the Force Command Northern Areas and is a division size formation of the Pakistan Army. It commands the troops deployed in the Northern Areas of Pakistan. It is reported to be a component of X Corps of the Pakistan Army. In contrast to the general belief that it is a corps sized formation, it is a division sized force commanded by a major general. Its coat of arms is a snow leopard on a black background. In the game, it is also a not strong corps and could be associated to a reinforced-division. It consists of 5 brigade size counters of mountain troops: the 61st, 62nd, 80th, 150th, 323rd Mtn Brigades.

To sum up, as in previous reviews, we found an exceptional well-done work when mapping the real units to the OOB included in the game.





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