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Google Keyword List Design Planner

Google “Keyword List Design” and Planner


The newest system for Keywords Design for Ads. Since I discover this jewel developed by Google (The keyword planner from adwords), I cannot stop using. It is extremely useful to choose the words you can focus on to increase the visitors in your site. If you want to make your site popular and increase the number of visitors and page views, I think you should try this tool.

The newest version of the Google Generator of KeyWord List Design for Planning Ads from Adwords campaigns and for increasing money gains via adsense in online websites.


What is a Keyword: It can be defined as an index term, subject term, subject heading, or descriptor, in information retrieval, is a term that captures the essence of the topic of a document, webpage or book. In general, an index term makes up a controlled vocabulary for use in bibliographic records. They are an integral part of bibliographic control, which is the function by which libraries collect, organize and disseminate documents. In this case, these words can be used as keywords to retrieve documents in an information system, for instance, a catalog or a search engine like Yahoo, Google and so on.

There are some simple ways to use the tool:

1. First, we can simply start at the Keyword Planner Home Page: Go to Adwords and select tools. Then you can find the Keyword List Planner.
2. Then, we can search for keyword and ad group ideas
3. We should then select and enter our keywords under the green field “Search for Keyword and Ad Group Ideas” and in the field “Your product or service” box.



4. we can scroll down and click “Get Ideas”

5. Then, it is possible to click on keyword tab – (by default results show under ad group idea tab)

6. In order to perform check, go to the left if your results are filtered in a way we do not desire.


HOW does the Keyword List Design Planner Work?
Basically, we can write a word, phrase or set of words. Then, the new design of the keyword planner will compute a new list of similar or related keywords. This list will also show a count of how often each word is retrieved or searched by engines. Because there are maybe other users, the last column will show shows words that advertisers consider have most value.


WHO uses the Keyword List Design Planner?

(1) I think it is a tool that is used mainly by Website owners. They may use that system to examine and identify the best keywords to improve their website, and how the webpages are retrieved on Search Engine as well as their respective ranks.

(2) Some users try to develop campaings based on Advertisers from AdWords. to optimize the best campaign and safe money, it is really useful tool.

We have often use it too to examine which keywords as often more visited in the context of the keywords content related to our site.

3) Those owners of sites which are allowed to earn Google income with AdSense can also use the Keyword List Design Planner tool to help increase the visibility of the webpage topics, select the best ad choices and ad the best locations for ads assigned to their web site.

The current version is the Newest Version of the keywork list design too, but Google has developed other versions. Old versions are also available in the website, but we recomment here the newest version which has the most advanced features. Good has recently combined all the planning systems and tools so that the newest one can replace the old ones.

Tips to identify the best keywords for your site and ad campaign using the Google Keyword List Design Planner:

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