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The prestigious website and gamers community GrogHeads has released the readers choice awards for the overall 2015 in both Digital game and tabletop games categories.

There are some awards I would like to focus on more detail. The first is the GrogHeads Readers’ Choice Overall 2015 Digital Game of the Year. The selected game is Decisive Campaigns Barbarossa. In this category, the second and third positions went to Combat Mission:Black Sea, and XCOM Enemy Within in third. Here, you can see an image of the game:



Next, GrogHeads Readers’ Choice Overall 2015 Tabletop Game of the Year was Churchill. The second and third prizes were awarded to Enemy Action: Ardennes and Triumph & Tragedy. The latter is an interesting game but not my cup of tea because of less combat and military operations, as it seems to be focused more on diplomacy.


Next, the best expansions and reprints award was for  Spearpoint 1943: Eastern Front in the category of the GrogHeads Readers’ Choice 2015 Tabletop Expansion of the Year. The second and third places were for the Eldritch Horror : Strange Remnants and Castle Panic : The Dark Titan.

The cover of the game spearpoint 1943: Eastern Front is simply impressive :)

Finally, in the category GrogHeads Readers’ Choice 2015 Tabletop Reprint/Rerelease of the Year the winner was the Empire of the Sun!, one of my favorite games, which I often write about it here in this blog. Interestingly, the Empire of the Sun got more than 50% of the votes. The second and third places were for Dawn’s Early Light: Red Hammer and Fury of Dracula 3rd Edition

Note that this box art cover corresponds to the 1st edition, which is a bit cheaper than the new 2nd edition. I bought both :)

The complete list of the 1st position awarded games for each category is as follows:


Overall Digital Game of the Year ~ Decisive Campaigns Barbarossa
Overall Tabletop Game of the Year ~ Churchill
Digital Wargame of the Year ~ Decisive Campaigns Barbarossa
Digital RPG of the Year ~ The Witcher III: Wild Hunt
Digital Civ/City/Rail-Builder of the Year ~ Cities: Skyline
Digital Sports Game of the Year ~ Project Cars
Digital Action/FPS Game of the Year ~ XCOM Enemy Within
Digital Expansion/DLC of the Year ~ Attila TW: Age of Charlemagne
Tabletop Wargame Game of the Year ~ Churchill
Tabletop Strategy Game of the Year ~ Star Wars: Imperial Assault
Tabletop Adventure Game of the Year ~ Dead Of Winter
Tabletop Euro/Family Game of the Year ~ Pandemic Legacy
Tabletop Expansion of the Year ~ Spearpoint 1943: Eastern Front
Tabletop Reprint/Rerelease of the Year ~ Empire of the Sun

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