Gulf War Model Kit set 1/72 scale

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 Gulf War Model Kit set 1/72 scale


Italeri Gulf War 1991 1/72 model kit set

Italeri Gulf War 1991 1/72 model kit set


Italeri is surprising us lately with a series of diorama kits and combo which includes several vehicles and aircraft. See for example, our previous reports on the D-Day Dioramas. This time they offer an interesting model kit set about the Gulf War. So far, I did not know many model kits which combine tanks and helicopters based on modern conflicts. Therefore, I think this model kit set is quite original.

Despite being armed with many state-of-the-art Russian vehicles like the T-62 and Mil-Mi 25 Hind, the Iraqi Army was in no way prepared for the Gulf War. Coalition air elements hammered targets within Iraq and Kuwait for five weeks, softening up the defense. Then the big guns went in—Abrams tanks, Apache helicopters, and nearly a million personnel under arms. The next 100 hours were a one-sided Coalition victory of dramatic proportions.

Model kit includes:

T-62 (130 parts),

MiL-Mi-25 (131 parts)

M1A1 Abrams (94 parts)

AH-1W (72 parts).


Another model kits that can fit this Gulf War scenario are as follows:


1:72 Scale Iraqi T-72 – Iraq 1991

The Iraqi T-72 tank is the latest Russian weapons technology in the Iraqi arsenal. Although fast, durable, and potent with its 125mm gun, the T-72 proved no match for the U.S. Apache helicopters and M1A1 Abrams main battle tanks.This highly detailed 172 scale version of the Iraqi T-72 depicts the tank as seen in Iraq in 1991.This Iraqi T-72 tank is part of Forces Of Valors Micro Military Vehicles Series, and is the Enthusiasts Edition (which is the extremely detailed version of this vehicle). The 172 scale die cast metal vehicle is approximately 4 inches long (5 inches long with gun barrel).


1/72 T-54 Iraq 1991


1:72 Scale M1A1HA Abrams 1st USMC Tank Battalion, Iraq 2003


1/72 M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank


MI-17 HIP-H Iraqi Air Force

The MI-17 helicopter, developed at the Mil Design Bureau from the MI-8 helicopter, is in serial manufactured at the Kazan Helicopter Production Association. The designation MI-17 is for export; the Russian armed forces called it MI-8MT. It serves as a multirole transport helicopter. The MI-17 can also be very heavily armed with an extensive array or rockets, missiles, and guns for ground attack. It is often used to air assault infantry forces to attack the point of penetration, reinforce units in contact, or disrupt counterattacks. It is an improved development of the MI-8. The airframe structure, transport capabilities, and equipment are essentially identical with those of the MI-8.


1/72 A-10A Warthog-Iraq Freedom




A-10 1/72 scale Iraqi Freedom

A-10 1/72 scale Iraqi Freedom

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