Hearts of Iron 4: Release on 6th June 2016

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Hearts of Iron 4: Release on 6th June 2016


The saga of Hearts of Iron has a new item: the Hearts of Iron IV will be released officially on 6th June 2016. I have pre-ordered my copy so I will be able to enjoy the game from 6th June 2016.

It seems it will be a Steam-only game, so instead of having a physical copy you can play using the Steam system. The same for downloading or accessing the game. It seems a broad tendency lately to have this system instead of offering hardcopy. Personally, I prefer the hardcopy, but the good point of downloading version or using Steam is that the price is lower, which is good news.

The game is offered in three different options: cadete, colonel and marshall. The first one is the basic configuration of the game, and it is sold by around 39USD. The other one is the colonel version which offers an interesting pack for Tanks. This is the one I chose and the price is similar, just 10 USD more. The final version is Marshall which offers the same sa Colonel but adding a purchase ticket-like option to get free the two following expansions of the game HoI4. I do not know yet the quality of the game so I think Colonel seems the most reasonable at this stage.

I hope to review more about the campaigns and battles once I can enjoy the game. I liked HoI2 more than Hoi3, let’s see what will happen this time!


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