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Imperial Japanese Navy Heavy Cruiser Kumano


Kumano before the refit

IJN Kumano before the refit


Kumano (熊野) was one of four Mogami-class of heavy cruisers in the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN Nihon Kaigun), serving in World War II. She was named after the Kumano River Kii Peninsula on the island of Honshu in central Japan.

Kumano was laid down at Kawasaki Shipyards in Kobe on 4 April 1934, launched on 15 October 1936 and completed on 31 October 1937.Her first captain was Captain Shōji Nishimura, who oversaw her completion and remained captain until May 1939, although she almost immediately underwent modification work at Kure Naval Arsenal which was not completed until October 1939. Her first operational commander was Captain Kaoru Arima, from 15 November 1939 until 15 October 1940. From 16 July 1941, Kumano was part of Sentai-7, together with her sisters Mogami, Mikuma and Suzuya, and was based out of Hainan in support of the Japanese invasion of French Indochina.

At the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor, Kumano was the flagship for Vice Admiral Inoue Shigeyoshi’s IJN 4th Fleet and deployed to cover the Japanese invasion of Malaya as part of Vice Admiral Jisaburō Ozawa’s First Southern Expeditionary Fleet, providing close support for landings of Japanese troops at Singora, Pattani and Kota Bharu. Kumano served in numerous combat engagements in the Pacific War, until she was eventually sunk by carrier aircraft from Task Force 38 while she was undergoing repairs at Santa Cruz, Phillipines in November, 1944.

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Gallery of the IJN heavy cruiser Kumano:

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