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IJN Destroyer Asashimo


IJN Asashimo destroyer

IJN Asashimo destroyer


IJN Asashimo destroyer  (“Morning Frost”)  participated in the last special attack mission together with the Yamato battleship. Swas a Yūgumo-class destroyer of the Imperial Japanese Navy. She was one of the several ships sunk during Operation Ten-Go by attacking US aircraft in 1945.

the Asahimo Destroyer actively took part in the Battle of the Philippine Sea. During the Battle of Leyte Gulf, she rescued survivors of the cruiser Atago on 23 October. At the Battle of Ormoc Bay, she was the only destroyer to survive the Convoy TA no. 4 Battle. On 26 December 1944, she assisted in scuttling the destroyer Kiyoshimo and rescued 167 crewmen, plus her C.O. and Comdesdiv2.

On 6 April 1945, Asashimo escorted the battleship Yamato from the Inland Sea on Operation Ten-Go towards Okinawa. She was sunk on 7 April by aircraft of Task Force 58, from the aircraft carrier USS San Jacinto after falling astern of the Yamato task force due to engine trouble, 150 miles (240 km) southwest of Nagasaki. All of her 326 crew members lost their lives.

 Technical specifications:


Name: Asashimo
Completed: 27 November 1943
Struck: 10 May 1945
Fate: Sunk in action, 7 April 1945
General characteristics
Class and type: Yūgumo-class destroyer
Displacement: 2520 tons
Length: 119.15 m (390.9 ft)
Beam: 10.8 m (35 ft)
Draught: 3.75 m (12.3 ft)
Speed: 35 kn (65 km/h; 40 mph)
Complement: 228
  • 6 × 127 mm (5.0 in)/50 caliber DPguns
  • up to 28 × Type 96 25 mm (0.98 in) AA guns
  • up to 4 × 13.2 mm (0.52 in) AA guns
  • 8 × 610 mm torpedo tubes for Type 93 torpedoes
  • 36 depth charges

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