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We fixed links and added new information for the cruisers Myoko and Nachi that belongs to the IJN Heavy Cruiser Myoko-class. The class was composed of four vessels, the Myōkō, AshigaraHaguro and Nachi cruisers.

After adding a bit more information related to the Myoko-class, we will proceed completing the light cruisers fleet of the Imperial Japanese Navy. Of special interest of the story of this cruiser class, is what happened with the secret code books of the cruiser Nachi, whose wrecks were savage and recovered by the allied forces.

sphere Cruiser Nachi

sphere Cruiser Myoko

sphere Cruiser Haguro

sphere Cruiser Ashigara


This is a wonderful pictorial document with rich photography and documentation of the IJN Myoko-class cruisers

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