IJN Myoko-class Heavy Cruiser

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The IJN Imperial Japanese Navy Myoko-class heavy cruisers were built in the late 1920s. There were four units constructed and all were sunk during the Pacific War. The armament included ten 20.3-centimetre (8 in) guns in five twin turrets which made them the heaviest armament of any cruiser vessel in the world navies. The displacement was more than 11,500 tons and 201 meters long. They were fast cruisers in spite of heavy armament and were capable of 38 knots. In spite the Washington Naval Treaty that limited to 10,000 the construction of cruisers, the Japanese staff succeed to by pass the limit up to 11,500 tons.

The ships in the class were named as follows: Myoko, Nachi, Haguro and Ashigara. Each link can direct to a page for more details of each cruiser unit.

sphere IJN Heavy Cruiser Myōkō (妙高)
sphere IJN Heavy Cruiser Nachi (那智)
sphere IJN Heavy Cruiser Haguro (羽黒)
sphere IJN Heavy Cruiser Ashigara (足柄)

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