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The Submarines Fleet of the IJN


The road to the war and strategic operations


sphere The origins of the submarine weapon in Japan


sphere The Pacific War and the submarines fleet


sphere The secret weapon: Submarines aircraft carriers


sphere The secret missions with the Third Reich: The Yanagi missions


The 1st class submarines: This class includes the largest of Japanese submarines, characterized by great size and range.


sphere Type KD1 (I-51) Kaidai I type (海大I型 Navy large type I)


sphere Type KD2 (I-152) Kaidai II type (海大II型 Navy large type II)


sphere Type KD3a (4 units) Kaidai IIIa type (海大IIIa型 Navy large type IIIa)


sphere Type KD3b (3 units) Kaidai IIIb type (海大IIIb型 Navy large type IIIb)


sphere Type KD4 (3 units) Kaidai IV type (海大IV型 Navy large type IV)


sphere Type KD5 (3 units) Kaidai V type (海大V型 Navy large type V)


sphere Type KD6a (6 units) Kaidai VIa type (海大VIa型 Navy large type VIa)


sphere Type KD6b (2 units) Kaidai VIb type (海大VIb型 Navy large type VIb)


sphere Type KD7 (10 units) Kaidai VII type (海大VII型 Navy large type VII) also known as Shin Kaidai type (新海大型 New navy large type)


sphere Type J1 (I-1, I-2, I-3, I-4) Junsen I type (巡潜I型 Cruiser submarine Type I)


sphere Type J1 Mod. (I-5) Junsen I Modified type (巡潜I型改 Cruiser submarine Type I Modified)


sphere Type J2 (I-6) Junsen II type (巡潜II型 Cruiser submarine Type II)


sphere Type J3 (I-7, I-8) Junsen III type (巡潜III型 Cruiser submarine Type III)


sphere Type A1 (I-9, I-10, I-11) Type A or Junsen A type (甲型 or 巡潜甲型 (Cruiser submarine) Type A))


sphere Type A2 (I-12) Type A Modified 1 or Junsen A Modified 1 type (甲型改1 or 巡潜甲型改1 (Cruiser submarine) Type A Modified 1)


sphere Type AM (I-13, I-14) Type A Modified 2 or Junsen A Modified 2 type (甲型改2 or 巡潜甲型改2 (Cruiser submarine) Type A Modified 2)


sphere Type B1 (20 units) Type B or Junsen B type (乙型 or 巡潜乙型 (Cruiser submarine) Type B)


sphere Type B2 (6 units) Type B or Junsen B type (乙型 or 巡潜乙型 (Cruiser submarine) Type B) Type B Modified 1 or Junsen B Modified 1 type (乙型改1 or 巡潜乙型改1 (Cruiser submarine) Type B Modified 1)


sphere Type B3 (I-54, I-56, I-58) Type B Modified 2 or Junsen B Modified 2 type (乙型改2 or 巡潜乙型改2 (Cruiser submarine) Type B Modified 2)


sphere Type C1 (5 units) Type C or Junsen C type (丙型 or 巡潜丙型 (Cruiser submarine) Type C))


sphere Type C2 (I-46, I-47, I-48) Type C or Junsen C type latter batch (丙型 or 巡潜丙型 (後期型) (Cruiser submarine) Type C)


sphere Type C3 (I-52, I-53, I-55) Type C Modified or Junsen C Modified type (丙型改 or 巡潜丙型改 (Cruiser submarine) Type C Modified


sphere Type D1 (11 units) Type D ((潜)丁型 (Submarine) Type D) or Sen’yu(-Dai) type (潜輸(大)型 Transport submarine (large) type) (I-361-class) and Sen’yu Modified type (潜輸改 Transport submarine Modified)


sphere Type D2 (I-373) Type D Modified ((潜)丁型改 (Submarine) Type D Modified)


sphere Kiraisen Type (I-121, I-122, I-123, I-124) Kiraisen type (機雷潜型 Minelaying submarine) (I-121-class)


sphere Sen-Ho Type (I-351) Senho type (潜補型 Submarine tanker) (I-351-class)


sphere Sentoku Type (I-400, I-401, I-402) Sentoku type (潜特型 Special type submarine) (I-400-class)


sphere Sentaka Type (3 units) Sentaka(-Dai) type (潜高(大)型 High-speed submarine (large) type


The 2nd class submarines: These submarines included medium-sized medium-ranged units of the Imperial Japanese Navy.

sphere Kaichū Type (20 units) Kaichū type (海中型 Navy medium type)


sphere Type L1 (Ro-51, Ro-52) Type L1 (L1型)


sphere Type L2 (Ro-53, Ro-54, Ro-55, Ro-56) Type L2 (L2型)


sphere Type L3 (Ro-57, Ro-58, Ro-59) Type L3 (L3型)


sphere Type L4 (9 units) Type L4 (L4型)


sphere Ko Type (18 units) Ko or Sen-Shō type (小型 or 潜小型 Small type or Submarine small type)


sphere Sen’yu-Ko Type (12 units) Sen’yu-Ko or Sen’yu-Shō type (潜輸小型 Transport submarine small type


sphere Sentaka-Ko Type (10 units) Sentaka-Ko or Sentaka-Shō type (潜高小型 High-speed submarine small type


Midget submarines: This class includes the smallest of the Japanese submarines, from midget submarines to manned torpedoes.

sphere Ko-Hyoteki Type (50 units) Kō-hyōteki (甲標的 Target ‘A )


sphere Kairyu Type (250 units) Kairyū (海龍 Sea Dragon)


sphere Kaiten Type (400 units) Kaiten (回天)


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