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The Imperial Japanese Navy Heavy cruisers Aoba and Kinugasa, that belonged to the Aoba-class were added and links were fixed. In a first plan, Furutaka class was thought to include four ships, Aoba, Kinugasa, Kako and Furutaka. Aoba and Kinugasa were laid down with that plan in 1924. However, Navy plans were adapted and changed with the result of adding  newly designed twin 20 cm (8 in) gun turrets on the Furutaka-class ships. Although works were done to modify Aoba and Kinugasa, it was already too late to implement them in Furutaka and Kako. Therefore, aoba-clas is considered a different cruiser class.

The links with the information are as follows:

sphere Imperial Japanese Navy Heavy cruiser Aoba-class

sphere Heavy cruiser Aoba

sphere Heavy cruiser Kinugasa

Aoba was sunk in 1945, and Kinugasa in 1942.

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