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Imperial Japanese Navy Waterline Model Ships at 1/700 scale at glance!: From Tamiya models to Aoshima, Fujimi, Pit-road and Hasegawa models


Imperial Japanese navy waterline ship models


The Imperial Japanese navy waterline ship models is a rich collection manufactured by Japanese model ship kits companies. Here I collected a long list of all the model warships at 1/700 scale (waterline series) of the Imperial Japanese Navy from Tamiya models, Aoshima models, Fujimi models, Hasegawa models and Pit-road models among others. My father and me were building 1/700 scale model warships for many years. These world war 2 ship models were from many nationalities, Royal Navy (British), US Navy (American), Kriegsmarine (German), Imperial Japanese Navy (Japanese) among others. The following waterline magazine or 1/700 water line series guide book from Tamiya model kits is very useful for the modelers because include patterns of the paintings and explanations for additions and accessories of the model warships in highly detail.


I always missed to have a full guide where all the model warships were shown at glance. Since they were constructed by different makers, it was not easy to which one was constructed by each maker and whether they have new versions, or modified versions depending on the upgrades. Nowadays, there are some magazines and publications from the makers that tend to integrate these products. However, ten or twenty years ago, they were not available.

Because one of the objectives of Remorika web site it is to present all information about the Imperial Japanese Navy, I thought it would be useful to have all the models constructed for scale 1/700 summarize in a few pages. The art box itself of each model warship is really beautiful so I always wanted to give to my eyes an eye-candy like this, having many models together.

hope you enjoy them too!

Japanese Waterline Model Ships: Carriers

sphere Japanese Model Aircraft Carriers 1/700 CV and CVL  (includes AS and AV ships)


Japanese Waterline Model Ships: Battleships

sphere Japanese Model Battleships 1/700 BB


Japanese Waterline Model Ships: Cruisers

sphere Japanese Model Heavy Cruisers 1/700 CA

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