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Israeli Tank M51 Tamiya Model Kit


M51 Model kit upgraded Sherman, Israel Forces. Release March 2017.

M51 Model kit upgraded Sherman, Israel Forces. Release March 2017.


Upgraded M51 Tank is a new Tamiya model kit version of the famous Sherman tank operated by the Israel Defense Forces.

Israel Defense Force M4A1 Sherman tank upgraded with HVVS suspension and armed with a powerful French 105mm CN-105-F1 gun. Kit includes crisp exterior features, cast texture upper hull and turret, well rendered running gear (multipart bogies, sprockets and idlers), T80 pattern vinyl track lengths, integral turret counterweight, turret-mounted M2 machine gun, smoke grenade dischargers, intricate muzzle brake, separately molded hatches and on-vehicle equipment, tow cable cord, 3/4 figure tank commander and torso figure loader.


Details of the M51 turret

Details of the M51 turret


Decals and painting reference for 3 Israeli tanks:

  • 810236T from an unknown unit during 1967;
  • 813093T from the 14th Armor Brigade, Ariel Sharon ‘Bison’ Division during June 1967
  • 812235T from an unknown unit in 1973.

This new model kit #25180 pairs Tamiya’s model of the Israeli M51 with photo-etched parts from the renowned aftermarket parts maker Aber. in particular, detailed parts such as M2 heavy machine gun barrel add a highly impressive layer of realism to an already-detailed model kit.

This kit is released on March 2017: M51 Upgraded Sherman Tank

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