Joint INDRA Russia-India Naval Exercises 7 December

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As it was done since the last 12 years, the INDRA Russia-India Naval Exercise will be held from 7th December. This INDRA exercise is a joint, bi-annual military exercise conducted by India and Russia starting in 2003, will also be held this year.The exercise is oriented and tasked with boosting cooperation and interoperability between the Russian and Indian navies. The word INDRA is a portmanteau of the participants’ respective countries.

The exercise may involve live firing drills, as well as air defence and anti submarine operations.

In April 2003, the first INDRA deployment, nine warships of the Russian navy departed from their bases at Sevastopol in the Black Sea and Vladivostok for the Indian Ocean. These units engaged in a number of exercises with the Indian navy. Russian Defence Minister Sergei Ivanov proposed joint naval exercises to be held later that year.

It was announced by the Eastern Naval Command (ENC) chief and vice-admiral Satish Soni said bilateral exercises between India and Russia – Indira-2015 – will take place at some place of the Vizag Coast from December 7 to 12. He said it would be the last bilateral exercise of this year. The Russian Federation Navy would arrive in a day or two, he added.

In addition, he announced that the Indian Navy had conducted bilateral exercises with many other countries:

  • France
  • Japan
  • Russia
  • Singapore
  • Sri Lanka
  • United Kingdom
  • America

This year, the bilateral exercise will be with the Australian Navy – Ausidex.

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