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The Modern India Navy is in continuous expansion and aimed to the a naval power. Hereafter we show the newest full list of the current vessels in service for the modern Indian Navy.

Nuclear-powered submarines(1)

sphere Chakra (Akula II) class

INS Chakra Attack submarine (SSN) INS Chakra (S71)

Russia 12,770 tonnes Under a 10-year lease from Russia since 2012. Negotiations are underway to lease an additional Akula-class attack submarine.


Conventionally-powered submarines(13)


sphere Sindhughosh class 

INS Sindhughosh (S55)
INS Sindhudhvaj (S56)
INS Sindhuraj (S57)
INS Sindhuvir (S58)
INS Sindhuratna (S59)
INS Sindhukesari (S60)
INS Sindhukirti (S61)
INS Sindhuvijay (S62)
INS Sindhurashtra (S65) Soviet Union
Russia 3,076 tonnes Fleet to be partially replaced by six Kalvari-class submarines starting 2016.


sphere Shishumar class 

INS Shishumar (S44)
INS Shankush (S45)
INS Shalki (S46)
INS Shankul (S47)

Germany 1,850 tonnes To be armed with Harpoon Block-II anti-ship missiles[4]

Aircraft carriers

Aircraft carriers (2 in service)


sphere Kiev class (Modified) INS Vikramaditya (R33)

Russia 45,400 tonnes STOBAR carrier.


sphere Centaur class INS Viraat (R22)

United Kingdom 28,700 tonnes STOVL carrier.

Scheduled to be decommissioned by February 2016 and replaced by INS Vikrant.


Destroyers (10 in service)

sphere Kolkata class

INS Kolkata (D63)
INS Kochi (D64)

India 7,500 tonnes Remaining ship in class (INS Chennai) to be commissioned by 2016. To be succeeded by the Project 15B Visakhapatnam-class destroyer.


sphere Delhi class  

INS Delhi (D61)
INS Mysore (D60)
INS Mumbai (D62) India 6,700 tonnes


sphere Rajput class

INS Rajput (D51)
INS Rana (D52)
INS Ranjit (D53)
INS Ranvir (D54)
INS Ranvijay (D55)
Soviet Union 4,974 tonnes Built in the Soviet Union to Indian design modifications of the Kashin-class destroyer


Frigates (15 in service)


sphere Shivalik class

INS Shivalik (F47)
INS Satpura (F48)
INS Sahyadri (F49)

India 6,200 tonnes To be succeeded from 2017 by the Project 17A-class frigate.

sphere Talwar class

INS Talwar (F40)
INS Trishul (F43)
INS Tabar (F44)
INS Teg (F45)
INS Tarkash (F50)
INS Trikand (F51)

Russia 4,035 tonnes First three vessels to be upgraded. Negotiations are also underway with Russia for an additional three frigates.

sphere Brahmaputra class

INS Brahmaputra (F31)
INS Betwa (F39)
INS Beas (F37) India 3,850 tonnes

sphere Godavari class

INS Godavari (F20)
INS Ganga (F22)
INS Gomati (F21)

India 3,850 tonnes Godavari in the process of being decommissioned; Ganga and Gomati scheduled to be decommissioned in the near future.

Amphibious warfare ships (1 in Service)


sphere Austin class

INS Jalashwa (L41)

United States 16,590 tonnes Under terms of sale, Jalashwa cannot be used during a war or offensive operation, unless such action is granted by the United States Pentagon.Plans to induct four modern Amphibious ships. Tender floated.

Landing Ships

Landing ships (9 in Service)

sphere Shardul class INS Shardul Landing ship tank (LST)

INS Shardul (L16)
INS Kesari (L15)
INS Airavat (L24) India 5,600 tonnes


sphere Magar class INS Magar Landing ship tank (LST)

INS Magar (L20)
INS Gharial (L23) India 5,655 tonnes

sphere Kumbhir class L-32, L-34, L-21, L-22 LSTs and LCUs Landing ship tank (LST)

INS Cheetah (L18)

INS Mahish (L19)

INS Guldar (L21)

INS Kumbhir (L22) Poland 1,100 tonnes

Landing craft

Landing craft (10 in Service)


sphere Mk. III LCU L-32, L-34, L-21, L-22 LSTs and LCUs Landing craft utility (LCU)

INS LCU 34 (L34)
INS LCU 35 (L35)
INS LCU 36 (L36)
INS LCU 37 (L37)
INS LCU 38 (L38)
INS LCU 39 (L39) India 640 tonnes.


sphere  Mk. IV LCU (LCU)

INS LCU 51 (L51)
INS LCU 52 (L52)
INS LCU 53 (L53)
INS LCU 54 (L54) India 830 tonnes Four more LCU Mk. IVs under various stages of construction.


Corvettes (26 in Service)

sphere Kamorta class

INS Kamorta (P28) Stealth ASW Corvette INS Kamorta (P28)
INS Kadmatt (P29) India 3,500 tonnes Two more ships to be commissioned; INS Kiltan and INS Kavaratti. The class is primarily designed for anti-submarine warfare.

sphere Kora class

INS Kora (P61)

INS Kirch (P62)

INS Kulish (P63)

INS Karmuk (P64) India 1,350 tonnes


sphere Khukri class

INS Khukri (P49)
INS Kuthar (P46)
INS Kirpan (P44)
INS Khanjar (P47) India 1,350 tonnes

sphere Veer class

INS Veer (K40)
INS Nirbhik (K41)
INS Nipat (K42)
INS Nishank (K43)
INS Nirghat (K44)
INS Vibhuti (K45)
INS Vipul (K46)
INS Vinash (K47)
INS Vidyut (K48)
INS Nashak (K83)
INS Prabal (K92)
INS Pralaya (K91) India 455 tonnes Indian variant of the Soviet Tarantul class.

sphere Abhay class 

INS Ajay (P34)

INS Akshay (P35)
INS Agray (P36) India 485 tonnes Indian variant of the Soviet Pauk classs.

Mine countermeasure vessels


Mine countermeasure vessels (6 in Service)

sphere Pondicherry class

Minesweeper INS Karwar (M67)
INS Cannanore (M68)
INS Cuddalore (M69)
INS Kakinada (M70)
INS Kozhikode (M71)
INS Konkan (M72) Soviet Union 891 tonnes

Torpedo recovery vessels


Torpedo recovery vessels (1 in Service)


sphere Astradharani class

INS Astradharani India

Patrol vessels

Patrol vessels (53 in Service)

sphere Saryu class

INS Saryu (P54)
INS Sunayna (P57)
INS Sumedha (P58)
INS Sumitra (P59) India 2,215 tonnes 5 more planned.

sphere Sukanya class

INS Suvarna  (P50)
INS Subhadra (P51)
INS Suvarna (P52)
INS Savitri (P53)
INS Sharada (P55)
INS Sujata (P56) South Korea
India 1,890 tonnes Can be armed and upgraded to light frigate standard if needed.[19]

sphere Car Nicobar class

INS Car Nicobar (T69)

INS Chetlat (T70)
INS Chetlat (T70)
INS Kora Divh (T71)
INS Cheriyam (T72)
INS Cankaraso (T73)
INS Kondul (T74)
INS Kalpeni (T75)
INS Kabra (T76)
INS Koswari (T77)
INS Karuva (T78) India 325 tonnes
INS Bangaram (T65)
INS Bitra (T66)
INS Batti Malv (T67)
INS Baratang (T68) India 260 tonnes

sphere Trinkat class

INS Trinkat (T61)

INS Trinkat (T61) India 260 tonnes

sphere Super Dvora class FAC T-84 Patrol boat T80

T86 Israel 60 tonnes
Solas Marine fast interceptor boat T-403 interceptor craft Patrol boat ~4 in service Sri Lanka 60 tonnes Total of 80 ordered.

Immediate Support Vessel

sphere Immediate Support Vessels

India 23 in service as of September 2015. Used by ONGC to protect off-shore establishments.

Board Games

Recently GMT has released a new strategy board game that simulates modern conflicts.

Previous one games includes Taiwan and Korean scenario. This new one is about the Indian army and hypothetical tactical and strategic situations:

Some books related to the Indian Navy:

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