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Battleship Nagato Model Ships at 1/700 scale for sale


Image of the Japanese Battleship Nagato at Yokosuka

Japanese Battleship Nagato at Yokosuka in 1945. Note the US Navy aircraft flying over her.


The model kit with the same BB Nagato configuration in 1945, at Yokosuka port.


When buying model kits of ships, it is always confusing to know no only the latest historical version of the ship (which can be learnt after a proper research) but also the latest mold the manufacturer is using for the models. With more than 40 years of history, the WaterLineSeries (WLS) has evolved and produced many different models and molds for each ship. the purpose of organize all the ships, molds and version into a single database is to help builders and fans to choose the right model with the features you are really interested in. This will not only save money but also time and efforts to build your perfect collection.

To illustrate this example, we compiled here data for the famous battleship Nagato. Here we show in a single table all the model ship kits based on the IJN Battleship Nagato made by Aoshima Manufacturer, from 1999 to 2012. We hope to complete and\or improve the table with your input information. In addition, we look forward to your comments on the evaluation score based on model quality. We are glad to dynamically update the scores based on your review comments and reports.

Enjoy your collection and your hobby time!


Battleship Nagato model ships table


The first column shows the boxes of the model. The second indicates the manufacturer and the year that the model is represented. There were many changes done in a ship during her timeline. The third column indicates the model number as well as the year in which the model was manufactured. Usually, modern molds have better quality. The fourth column describes the type of change done in he mold. The last column shows the evaluation result of the model kit based on mold and components. Evaluation colors and size show excellent (Green), good (orange), fair (blue) categories.


Choose your Ship Model Mold


Aoshima (ver. 1927)

Aoshima (1941-1942)

Aoshima (Leyte, 1944)

Aoshima (Full Hull, 1941-1942)

Aoshima (Leyte, 1944,

limited edition)

Aoshima (Premium package)

WLS 40 years anniversary 1971-2011)

Aoshima (FH, 1945)

Aoshima (FH, Leyte 1944

Aoshima (1942)

Aoshima (FH, superdetail) 

Aoshima (ver. 1933)

Mold Number






No. 038673




















First Mold

Retake ver.

New mold

New mold

Addition of components

Retake ver.

Addition of components


Addition of components

Retake ver.

Addition ofcomponents

Retake ver.

New mold


Superdetail pack





The Nagato in 1927 with her characteristic funnel structure. This was changed in the next modifications few years later. On Decemeber 1925, the BB Nagato was reassigned as the flagship of the Combined Fleet, was flying the flag of Admiral Keisuke Okada.



A real image of the BB Nagato in 1927 at Yokosuka. Same place the first photo shown above in this post in 1945 after Japanese surrender in 1945.


When the ship was reconstructed 1933, the remaining torpedo tubes and the two forward 14 cm guns were removed from the hull. The remaining 14 cm guns had their elevation increased to +35 degrees which increased their range to 20,000 meters (22,000 yd). Some 13.2 mm Hotchkiss machine guns in twin mounts were added.The rate of fire for the guns was around two rounds per minute.

The turrets aboard the Nagato-class ships were replaced during her reconstruction with the turrets stored from the unfinished Tosa-class battleships. While in storage the turrets had been modified to increase their range of elevation to –3 to +43 degrees, which increased the gun’s maximum range from 30,200 to 37,900 meters (33,000 to 41,400 yd).


In November 1944, the tops of Nagato’s mainmast and funnel were removed to improve the arcs of fire for her anti-aircraft guns. Additional 25 mm guns were installed during the war and on 10 July 1944, the ship was reported to have 98 guns on board.

In 1946,  the BB Nagato was a target for nuclear weapon tests during Operation Crossroads.

In 1946, the BB Nagato was a target for nuclear weapon tests during Operation Crossroads.


By early 1945, the BB Nagato suffered some damages. however, because of the lack of fuel and air support, the IJN decided not to fully repair her. Instead, Nagato was converted into a floating anti-aircraft platform and assigned to coastal defense duties. In mid-1946, the ship was a target for nuclear weapon tests during Operation Crossroads.Although she survived the first test with little damage, but was sunk by the second.


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